Starter types are the three main types of Alchemist that the player is presented with at the start of the game. These three can be freely changed between each other from the get-go, but the initial choice will result in a different starting deck and combo pool.

Elementalist Elementalist

"Burn your enemies"

The Elementalist uses combo points to create a fireball to throw at opponents, irrespective of any card played. Each combo orb adds +1 to damage dealt.

The first Basic Pack for the Elementalist is: Sword

The starter deck for the Elementalist is: 

View the initial Elementalist Combos.

Enchanter Enchanter

"Enchant your cards"

The Enchanter uses combo points to boost attack and defense stats of their played card. Each combo orb increases card stats in the following pattern of attack and defense, respectively: +1/+1, +2/+1, +2/+2, +3/+2, +3/+3.

The first Basic Pack for the Enchanter is: Chinchilla

The starter deck for the Enchanter is:

View the initial Enchanter Combos.

Healer Healer 

"Heal your wounds"

The Healer uses combo points to add health back to itself. Each combo orb adds +1 to healing amount.

The first Basic Pack for the Healer is: Sword

The starter deck for the Healer is:

View the initial Healer Combos.

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