Prize Card

All Hallows' Eve can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 6 3
2 9 6
3 12 9
4 15 12
5 18 15


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
AfflictionSugar Demon48 Hours
AngelScarecrow48 Hours
ApocalypseZombie Outbreak48 Hours
BatVampire1 Hour
BearZombie Bear48 Hours
BeautyUndead Bride48 Hours
BirdMurder of Crows48 Hours
BlobUndead Slime48 Hours
BloodBloody Mary48 Hours
BonePumpkin Prince48 Hours
CamouflageTrick or Treater48 Hours
CartoonMr. Beetleson48 Hours
CatBlack Cat24 Hours
ChinchillaChinzombie24 Hours
CursedHeadless Rider6 Hours
DeathGhost1 Hour
DemonDevil24 Hours
DesertMummy24 Hours
DestructionHeadless Rider6 Hours
DogWerewolf1 Hour
EarthTombstone24 Hours
ElfLeprechaun24 Hours
EnergySugar Demon48 Hours
Fairy TaleWitch's Brew48 Hours
FireJack-o'-lantern24 Hours
FoodVamp Crunch48 Hours
Galaxy WarsDark Apprentice48 Hours
GolemScarecrow48 Hours
HealingPlague Doctor24 Hours
HolidaysPumpkin Prince48 Hours
Holy WaterAngel1 Hour
HornPumpkin Prince48 Hours
HorseHeadless Rider6 Hours
HumanTrick or Treater48 Hours
HybridHeadless Rider6 Hours
IcePumpkin Prince48 Hours
ImmortalityMasked Killer48 Hours
InsectBlack Widow48 Hours
InventionDr. Frankenstein48 Hours
KnightHaunted Armor48 Hours
KnowledgePumpkin Prince48 Hours
LeaderPumpkin Prince48 Hours
LifeSinister Gourdling48 Hours
MadnessMr. Beetleson48 Hours
MagicWitch6 Hours
Martial ArtsKung Fu Zombie48 Hours
MedievalUndead Knight24 Hours
MetalScythe6 Hours
Mind ControlPosession48 Hours
MiniatureCavities48 Hours
MonkeyFlying Monkey24 Hours
MonsterFrankenstein48 Hours
MoonHeadless Rider6 Hours
MultiplesMurder of Crows48 Hours
MusicThrilling Zombie48 Hours
MutationFlying Goblin48 Hours
MythHeadless Rider6 Hours
ParasiteVampire1 Hour
PlantSinister Gourdling48 Hours
Pocket PetSpecter48 Hours
PoisonWitch's Brew48 Hours
Precious Ring LoreWraith48 Hours
PrehistoricZombiesaur24 Hours
PsychicGhost Communicator24 Hours
RadiationSinister Gourdling48 Hours
RainbowClown6 Hours
RelicMask of Mischief24 Hours
RobotRobot Devil24 Hours
RodentChinzombie24 Hours
RoyaltyPumpkin Prince48 Hours
Royal GameIce Zombie King48 Hours
ScienceFrankenstein48 Hours
Sci-FiRobot Devil24 Hours
SidekickIgor48 Hours
SleepNightmare Stalker48 Hours
SpeedBroomstick24 Hours
SpiritHeadless Rider6 Hours
StrengthFrankenstein48 Hours
SuperheroVampire Hunter6 Hours
SweetsTrick or Treater48 Hours
SwordScythe6 Hours
The Chosen OneVampire Assassin48 Hours
TimeYoung Wolf48 Hours
TreeSpooky Tree48 Hours
TridentDevil24 Hours
UndeadMummy24 Hours
UndergroundTombstone24 Hours
VehicleBroomstick24 Hours
VillainHeadless Rider6 Hours
VoidVoid Horror24 Hours
WaterWitch's Brew48 Hours
WeaponScythe6 Hours
WindCursed Flute48 Hours
WingsMurder of Crows48 Hours
WizardNecromancer24 Hours
Wizarding SchoolNearly Limbless Larry24 Hours
WolfWerewolf1 Hour


  • The card name was changed from Halloween to All Hallows' Eve after its release in order to avoid confusion between the Halloween Card, and the Halloween Pack.