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Arena Participants
Name Avatar
Hermanto Jim
Batman Botman
Johnah Flint
Phoenix Draco
Yoshirah Arch Mage
Zegar Care Chilla
Serpequa Dragon
Sapphire Care Chilla
Griphook Goblor (Gold Mastery)
Ñamñam Chinchilla
LT Yep Unicorn
Aviv2002 Dr. Robo
jd de-fi Super Bat
Fragui White Phil
Superman Superhero
PijusGT Vlad
lescale2 Chinchilla
Bacca Care Chilla
<liger05 Dr. Robo (Onyx Mastery)
55golem Steamroller
Timewarp Xenomorph
Omega Dark Hero


Exila 💀 Lich
Graham Dr. Robo
GamerGuy Mr. Primm
BIG BOY Milton
Morshu King kyle
Bowser Toximo 3000
Cheetawolf Bill
Tommy Bob
FYAN Stewart
MissSwan Chloe
meta Decimation
Br3tson Arch Mage

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