Prize Card

Bat can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 2 1
2 3 2
3 4 3
4 5 4
5 6 5

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Card Result Research
AfflictionVampire1 Hour
All Hallows' EveVampire1 Hour
AngerFuries48 Hours
ApocalypseVampire Boogie Man48 Hours
ArcadeDemon Queen24 Hours
BeautyDemon Queen24 Hours
BirdNosferatu Duck24 Hours
BloodVampire1 Hour
BoneSkeletal Vampire24 Hours
CamouflageSuper Bat24 Hours
CartoonSuper Bat24 Hours
CatManticore48 Hours
ChinchillaVampchilla24 Hours
CursedVampire1 Hour
DemonImp6 Hours
DestructionSpace Moth48 Hours
EarthGargoyle6 Hours
ExtraterrestrialSpace Moth48 Hours
FairyImp6 Hours
Fairy TaleFlying Monkey24 Hours
FishStingray24 Hours
FoodVamp Crunch48 Hours
Galaxy WarsLaughing Pet Alien24 Hours
GiantSpace Moth48 Hours
GolemGargoyle6 Hours
HealingVampire1 Hour
HornVampiric Gargoyle24 Hours
HumanVampire1 Hour
HybridFuries48 Hours
IceIce Imp24 Hours
ImmortalityVampire1 Hour
InsectSpace Moth48 Hours
InventionSuper Bat24 Hours
KnightSuper Bat24 Hours
KnowledgeShapeshifter24 Hours
LeaderDracula24 Hours
LifeVampire1 Hour
MagicVampire1 Hour
Martial ArtsSuper Bat24 Hours
MedievalGargoyle6 Hours
MetalBaseball Bat1 Hour
Mind ControlVampire1 Hour
MiniatureBumblebee Bat24 Hours
MonkeyFlying Monkey24 Hours
MonsterVampire1 Hour
MoonVampire1 Hour
MultiplesVampire Coven24 Hours
MythDracula24 Hours
ParasiteVampire1 Hour
Pocket PetSonic Bat24 Hours
PrehistoricPterodactyl24 Hours
PsychicLunara48 Hours
RelicVampire Killer24 Hours
ReptilePterodactyl24 Hours
RodentFlying Squirrel24 Hours
RoyaltyDemon Queen24 Hours
ScienceSuper Bat24 Hours
Sci-FiVampire1 Hour
SidekickKid Sidekick48 Hours
SleepDemon Queen24 Hours
SpaceSpace Moth48 Hours
SpeedChiroptercar48 Hours
StrengthSuper Bat24 Hours
SuperheroSuper Bat24 Hours
SweetsVamp Crunch48 Hours
The Chosen OneVampire Assassin48 Hours
ToyBaseball Bat1 Hour
TreeBaseball Bat1 Hour
UndeadVampire1 Hour
UndergroundSuper Bat24 Hours
UnderwaterStingray24 Hours
VehicleChiroptercar48 Hours
VillainDracula24 Hours
WarVampire Knight48 Hours
WaterStingray24 Hours
WealthSuper Bat24 Hours
WeaponChiropterang48 Hours
WerewolfWerevamp24 Hours
WizardShapeshifter24 Hours
Wizarding SchoolMagical Soccer48 Hours
WolfGargoyle6 Hours