Prize Card

Bear can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 4 6
2 7 9
3 10 12
4 13 15
5 16 18


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
AfflictionZombie Bear48 Hours
All Hallows' EveZombie Bear48 Hours
AngerMama Bear48 Hours
ApocalypseAdventure Kid48 Hours
AshPanda48 Hours
BeautyMonster & Beauty24 Hours
BlobGummy Bear48 Hours
CamouflageSpirit Bear48 Hours
CartoonBouncy Bears48 Hours
CursedWerebear48 Hours
DemonZombie Bear48 Hours
DestructionDire Bear48 Hours
EarthHibernation24 Hours
ExtraterrestrialEmok48 Hours
Fairy TaleGoldilocks and Bears48 Hours
FoodGummy Bear48 Hours
Galaxy WarsEmok48 Hours
GiantDire Bear48 Hours
HolidaysPolar Bear24 Hours
HornYeti24 Hours
HumanAdventure Kid48 Hours
HybridBear Dog24 Hours
IcePolar Bear24 Hours
ImmortalitySpirit Bear48 Hours
InventionMecha Bear48 Hours
KnightEmok48 Hours
KnowledgeBear Magus24 Hours
LeaderAdventure Kid48 Hours
LoveStuffed Plushie24 Hours
MagicBear Magus24 Hours
Martial ArtsHungry Panda Hero48 Hours
MedievalBouncy Bears48 Hours
MetalMecha Bear48 Hours
MiniatureWater Bear48 Hours
MonsterZombie Bear48 Hours
MoonWerebear48 Hours
MutationDire Bear48 Hours
MythWerebear48 Hours
ParasiteFlea48 Hours
PlantPet Plant48 Hours
Precious Ring LoreShapeshifting Chief48 Hours
PrehistoricDire Bear48 Hours
PsychicAnimal Whisperer24 Hours
RadiationDire Bear48 Hours
RainbowGummy Bear48 Hours
RobotMecha Bear48 Hours
Royal GameWight24 Hours
ScienceMecha Bear48 Hours
Sci-FiEmok48 Hours
SidekickEmok48 Hours
SleepHibernation24 Hours
SpaceEmok48 Hours
SpiritSpirit Bear48 Hours
StrengthDire Bear48 Hours
SuperheroAdventure Kid48 Hours
SweetsGummy Bear48 Hours
SwordAdventure Kid48 Hours
The Chosen OneHungry Panda Hero48 Hours
ToyStuffed Plushie24 Hours
TreeKoala48 Hours
TridentEmok48 Hours
UndeadZombie Bear48 Hours
UndergroundHibernation24 Hours
VoidHibernation24 Hours
WarWar Bear48 Hours
WaterPolar Bear24 Hours
WeaponClaws24 Hours
WerewolfWerebear48 Hours
WizardShapeshifter24 Hours
Wizarding SchoolTransmutation24 Hours
WolfWerebear48 Hours


  • Bears are incredibly strong, so they can break into just about anything that contains food using brute force.
  • Bears also have a high brain to body mass ratio, making them very smart. They're even known to use tools. In captivity, bears have stacked objects in order to climb up to things that were otherwise out of their reach. In the wild, bears have been observed rolling rocks into bear traps to safely eat the bait.