Prize Card

Bird can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 4 5
2 7 8
3 10 11
4 13 14
5 16 17


This card cannot be created.

Combos (67) Show/Hide

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Card Result Research
All Hallows' EveMurder of Crows48 Hours
AngelDoves24 Hours
AngerRaging Bird24 Hours
ArcadeRaging Bird24 Hours
AshPhoenix6 Hours
BatNosferatu Duck24 Hours
BeautyDark Swan48 Hours
BirdMurder of Crows48 Hours
CamouflageDark Swan48 Hours
CartoonUncle Duck24 Hours
CatGriffin48 Hours
DeathDark Swan48 Hours
DemonHarpy48 Hours
DestructionTurkeyzilla48 Hours
DragonCockatrice48 Hours
EarthGargoyle6 Hours
EnergyThunderbird48 Hours
FirePhoenix6 Hours
FoodTurkey24 Hours
GolemGargoyle6 Hours
HolidaysDoves24 Hours
Holy WaterDoves24 Hours
HumanDark Swan48 Hours
IcePenguin24 Hours
InsectPlague Doctor24 Hours
KnightEagle Rider48 Hours
KnowledgeWise Owl48 Hours
LeaderZiz48 Hours
LifePhoenix6 Hours
LoveDoves24 Hours
MagicPhoenix6 Hours
MedievalGriffin48 Hours
MetalStymphalian Bird48 Hours
MonsterCockatrice48 Hours
MoonWerechicken24 Hours
MythPhoenix6 Hours
ParasiteCuckoo24 Hours
PoisonStymphalian Bird48 Hours
PrehistoricTerror Bird48 Hours
RadiationTurkeyzilla48 Hours
RainbowParrot24 Hours
ReptileCockatrice48 Hours
RobotRobot Turkey24 Hours
ScienceRobot Turkey24 Hours
Sci-FiTurkeyzilla48 Hours
SleepNight Owl24 Hours
SnakeCockatrice48 Hours
SpaceSpace Explorer24 Hours
SpeedRoad Sprinter24 Hours
SpiritPhoenix6 Hours
StrengthZiz48 Hours
SuperheroEagle Hero24 Hours
SwordCarver of Doom48 Hours
TridentCarver of Doom48 Hours
Turkey DayTurkey24 Hours
TurtleTurtle Duck24 Hours
UndeadTurkey Zombie48 Hours
VampireNosferatu Duck24 Hours
VehicleEagle Rider48 Hours
WarMessenger Bird24 Hours
WaterPenguin24 Hours
WealthGolden Egg Goose24 Hours
WeaponRaging Bird24 Hours
WerewolfWerechicken24 Hours
WindThunderbird48 Hours
WizardEagle Rider48 Hours
WolfWerechicken24 Hours


  • Birds are the only dinosaur lineage to survive into the modern day.

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