Prize Card

Blob can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 0 9
2 3 12
3 6 15
4 9 18
5 12 21


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
AfflictionMind Slug48 Hours
All Hallows' EveUndead Slime48 Hours
AngerNegative Slime24 Hours
ApocalypseSewer Mutants24 Hours
ArcadePuff Hero24 Hours
AshSmog Horror48 Hours
BearGummy Bear48 Hours
BeautyBumpy Princess48 Hours
BoneUndead Slime48 Hours
CamouflageD-300048 Hours
CartoonOozer48 Hours
DeathUndead Slime48 Hours
DemonUndead Slime48 Hours
DesertAlien Mob Boss48 Hours
DestructionSmog Horror48 Hours
EarthMudslide24 Hours
EnergyPB & Jelly Time48 Hours
ExtraterrestrialThe Ooze24 Hours
FishMoon Jellyfish24 Hours
FoodPB & Jelly Time48 Hours
Galaxy WarsAlien Mob Boss48 Hours
GiantSmog Horror48 Hours
GolemSlime Warrior48 Hours
HealingEvil Symbiote24 Hours
HolidaysFruit Cake24 Hours
HornSnoring Monster48 Hours
HorseGummy Duo24 Hours
HumanGummy Duo24 Hours
HybridEvil Symbiote24 Hours
ImmortalityThe Ooze24 Hours
InsectMind Slug48 Hours
InventionD-300048 Hours
KnightSlime Warrior48 Hours
KnowledgeMind Slug48 Hours
LeaderBumpy Princess48 Hours
MadnessEvil Symbiote24 Hours
MagicGelmancer48 Hours
Martial ArtsHungry Panda Hero24 Hours
MetalD-300048 Hours
Mind ControlEntropic Magic48 Hours
MiniatureFlapjack Octopus48 Hours
MonsterSmog Horror48 Hours
MoonMoon Jellyfish24 Hours
MultiplesShoggoth24 Hours
MusicHypnotic Singer48 Hours
MutationCyborg Alien Mutant24 Hours
MythShoggoth24 Hours
ParasiteEvil Symbiote24 Hours
Pocket PetHypnotic Singer48 Hours
PoisonSmog Horror48 Hours
PrehistoricFossil48 Hours
PsychicMind Slug48 Hours
RadiationThe Ooze24 Hours
RainbowGelmancer48 Hours
RobotD-300048 Hours
RoyaltyBumpy Princess48 Hours
Royal GameFat King48 Hours
ScienceD-300048 Hours
Sci-FiThe Ooze24 Hours
SidekickOozer48 Hours
SleepSnoring Monster48 Hours
SnakeGummy Worm24 Hours
SpaceBumpy Princess48 Hours
SpeedQuicksand48 Hours
SpiritOozer48 Hours
StrengthSmog Horror48 Hours
SuperheroPuff Hero24 Hours
SweetsFluff Puff48 Hours
The Chosen OneHypnotic Singer48 Hours
TimePB & Jelly Time48 Hours
ToyGummy Duo24 Hours
TreeFossil48 Hours
TridentSlime Warrior48 Hours
UndeadUndead Slime48 Hours
UndergroundQuicksand48 Hours
UnderwaterMoon Jellyfish24 Hours
VillainEvil Symbiote24 Hours
VoidShoggoth24 Hours
WarSlime Warrior48 Hours
WaterMudslide24 Hours
Water SerpentGummy Worm24 Hours
WealthAlien Mob Boss48 Hours
WeaponSlime Warrior48 Hours
WindPuff Hero24 Hours
WingsPuff Hero24 Hours
WizardGelmancer48 Hours
Wizarding SchoolMandrake48 Hours


  • Reference to the slime from the popular game "Minecraft"