Prize Card

Camouflage can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 3 6
2 6 9
3 9 12
4 12 15
5 15 18


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
AfflictionPosession48 Hours
All Hallows' EveTrick or Treater48 Hours
AngelCrying Angel48 Hours
AngerShifting Mutant48 Hours
ApocalypseDeath Ray48 Hours
ArcadeBox Special Forces48 Hours
AshSmoke Screen48 Hours
BatSuper Bat24 Hours
BearSpirit Bear48 Hours
BeautyShifting Mutant48 Hours
BirdDark Swan48 Hours
BlobD-300048 Hours
BoneShapeshifter24 Hours
CartoonTurtle Warrior48 Hours
ChinchillaNinchilla24 Hours
CursedDark Swan48 Hours
DeathShadow People24 Hours
DemonDoll48 Hours
DesertDesert Shrew48 Hours
DestructionBox Special Forces48 Hours
DogSpace Dog24 Hours
DragonPlant Dragon48 Hours
EarthSwamp Monster48 Hours
EnergyDeath Ray48 Hours
ExtraterrestrialHunting Alien24 Hours
FairyChangeling24 Hours
Fairy TaleCheshire Cat48 Hours
FireSmoke Screen48 Hours
FoodCursed Apple24 Hours
Galaxy WarsBounty Hunter Clone48 Hours
GiantMountain Giant48 Hours
GolemCrying Angel48 Hours
HealingSnake Oil Salesman48 Hours
Holy WaterHoly Grail24 Hours
HornRock Dragon48 Hours
HorseTrojan Horse48 Hours
HumanInvisible Dude24 Hours
HybridMountain Giant48 Hours
IceFrost Wolf48 Hours
ImmortalityDorian Gray24 Hours
InsectLeaf Insect24 Hours
InventionCybernetic Humans24 Hours
KnightSergeant Arnold48 Hours
KnowledgeSecret Passage24 Hours
LifeHoly Grail24 Hours
LoveLove Potion48 Hours
MadnessCheshire Cat48 Hours
MagicShapeshifter24 Hours
Martial ArtsSmoke Screen48 Hours
MedievalHoly Grail24 Hours
MetalD-300048 Hours
MiniatureFlapjack Octopus48 Hours
MonkeyBig Foot24 Hours
MonsterDino Hybrid48 Hours
MoonDeath Ray48 Hours
MultiplesMany Faced Man24 Hours
MusicOpera Ghost24 Hours
MutationShifting Mutant48 Hours
ParasiteArm Parasite24 Hours
PlantPlant Clones48 Hours
Pocket PetPlantasaur48 Hours
PoisonOctopus48 Hours
Precious Ring LoreLord of Horses48 Hours
PrehistoricDino Hybrid48 Hours
PsychicFour Eyed Raven24 Hours
RadiationStealth Bomber24 Hours
RainbowChameleon24 Hours
RelicDeath's Gifts48 Hours
ReptileChameleon24 Hours
RobotTransformobot48 Hours
RodentNinchilla24 Hours
RoyaltyCinderella24 Hours
Royal GameForestfolk24 Hours
ScienceDr. Jekyll24 Hours
Sci-FiInvisible Dude24 Hours
SidekickShifting Mutant48 Hours
SleepCursed Apple24 Hours
SnakeDevil24 Hours
SpaceAlien Reptile24 Hours
SpeedCheetah24 Hours
SpiritOpera Ghost24 Hours
StrengthSergeant Arnold48 Hours
SunDeath Ray48 Hours
SuperheroSergeant Arnold48 Hours
SweetsPinata48 Hours
SwordArm Parasite24 Hours
The Chosen OneThe Ring Courier24 Hours
TimeD-300048 Hours
ToyAction Figure48 Hours
TreeTreant6 Hours
TurtleTurtle Warrior48 Hours
UndeadKung Fu Zombie48 Hours
UndergroundSecret Passage24 Hours
UnderwaterOctopus48 Hours
VampireHuman6 Hours
VehicleTransformobot48 Hours
VillainShifting Mutant48 Hours
VoidShadow People24 Hours
WarBox Special Forces48 Hours
WaterOctopus48 Hours
WealthPrecious Ring24 Hours
WeaponPrecious Ring24 Hours
WerewolfWolf in Sheep Duds24 Hours
WindStealth Bomber24 Hours
WingsStealth Bomber24 Hours
WizardShapeshifter24 Hours
Wizarding SchoolDeath's Gifts48 Hours
WolfWolf in Sheep Duds24 Hours