Card Number* Card Name Attack Defense Fusion Rarity Description
451Action Figure147CounterDiamondNow complete with a kung fu grip!
209Adventure Kid1312ProtectDiamondLoves princesses and punching evil buns.
227Aeromancer1010CounterDiamondSummoning powerful storms is a breeze for these wizards.
292AI1110CounterDiamondLikes to play video games.
229Air Elemental128CounterDiamondAlways has a bad hair day.
230Air Sprite710CriticalGoldHer head is in the clouds.
245Albert1414CurseDiamondHe will laser you into submission after he reheats his leftover spaghetti.
288Alien158CounterDiamondAll technologically advanced societies wear shiny, reflective jumpsuits.
461Alpha144CriticalGoldThe leader of the pack.
1Anaconda62PierceBronzeA really big snake that likes to give extremely tight hugs.
183Ancient Dragon1312CrushingDiamondShe only gets stronger with time.
2Angel14OrbBronzeA halo, some feathers, and glue is all you really need.
464Angel of Valor1510ProtectDiamondLeads the charge against the minions of hill.
329Angel of Wisdom812ReflectGoldHe is the embodiment of wisdom itself.
244Anna1612CriticalDiamondShe and Mochi have a training montage video.
435Arachnid Dude1212ProtectDiamondLikes to hang out with friends, or just hang in general.
4Arcane Golem95AmplifyGoldPower overwhelming!
5Arch Angel99BlockGoldDefenders of heaven and earth.
6Arch Mage145ReflectGoldBefore he was gray, now he is white.
369Ariel128CriticalGoldShe is intrigued about a place called the windy city.
7Armored Dragon66BlockSilverThey never have armor in his size.
438Army Ant1110CrushingDiamondThis ant thrives in boot camp.
8Ash01OrbBronzeThe remnants of a fire.
9Assassin150PierceGoldThis assassin has no creed.
315Astronaut88ProtectGoldMisses gravity.
371Avery127AbsorbGoldShe has trained her pet tiger to train other animals.
10Aviator Chin97SiphonGoldThey have conquered the ground and are now taking the air.
425Baby New Year710ProtectGoldDoesn't age well over the course of a year.
11Baseball Bat51ReflectBronzeAlways comes home with a splitting headache.
12Bat21OrbBronzeSome might describe this creature as a winged rodent.
14Battle Mage87ReflectSilverHe can't decide between his sword or staff.
177Bear46OrbGoldDoes not want to cuddle.
208Bear Magus118CriticalGoldWho decided it was a good idea to teach bears magic?
363Bill127CounterGoldBefore he became a werewolf, Bill enjoyed quiet evenings at home.
15Bionic Chinchilla610AmplifyGoldThe six million dollar chinchilla. We have the technology to rebuild her. Better, stronger, faster.
410Black Friday1312CrushingDiamondThis void will suck you in with its incredible deals, but only if you wake up at 3AM.
16Black Hole131SiphonGoldIt's supermassive.
432Black Widow174CriticalDiamondThe female of the species is more deadly than the male.
17Blacksmith88ReflectGoldMaking weapons and armor all day has really hardened these sturdy fighters.
191Blue Bull146CriticalDiamondExtreme in a can.
18Blue Knight77ReflectSilverA knight who commands the power of water and ice.
380Bob118CounterGoldHis loves the "Hang in there!" cat poster in his office.
19Bomb90AmplifyBronzeLikes to be referred to as Bob.
20Bone Sword115SiphonGoldDrinking milk makes for strong bones, which makes for strong bone swords.
441Bookworm128AbsorbGoldThis worm devours books, both figuratively and literally.
264Brian154CurseGoldHe is already working on a sequel and prequel.
267Bridget128AbsorbGoldShe can't stop now, the show must go on!
342Brontosaurus88BlockGoldWho says the brontosaurus never existed?
445Building Blocks98ProtectGoldPart of the fun in building with blocks is knocking them down.
301Burgerlar177CounterDiamondThe only treasure worth stealing is delicious hamburgers.
434Butterfly89ProtectGoldWhat caterpillars become after their insect makeover.
478Candy Hearts99AbsorbGoldWhy does love taste like chalk?
22Car34BlockBronzeJaywalkers beware.
23Care Chilla59WeakenSilverLove and magical rainbows are stored in the pear shaped belly of this creature.
406Carver of Doom176CurseDiamondHas the ability to slice through the driest turkey breast.
24Catapult80PierceBronzeLaunches boulders and sometimes humans.
25Cavalry55AmplifySilverHere come the cavalry!
337Caveman96ReflectSilverHe is a hunter, artist, inventor, and survivalist.
26Centaur54AmplifyBronzeDo not ask him for a piggyback ride.
234Cerberus119CrushingDiamondA fierce guardian of the underworld, it can only be subdued with belly rubs.
373Charles146CriticalGoldHe is on the hunt for the elusive Lochness Chinchilla.
454Chemistry Set176CriticalDiamondA starter kit for budding mad scientists.
27Chinchilla22OrbSilverCan cause head to explode from cuteness overload.
28Chinchilla Knight89BlockGoldForever on a quest to find the holy raisin.
29Chinzilla99AmplifyGoldA giant ball of cute and cuddly, ready to destroy all in its path!
30Chinzombie108SiphonGoldAlways hungers for brains with a side of raisins.
252Chloe127CriticalGoldSadness makes her happy, and happiness makes her sad.
419Christmas Tree1111CrushingDiamondA giant air freshener for your living room.
31Cleric611WeakenGoldNo one likes to get stuck being the healer.
32Clown103SiphonSilverDon't forget to check under your bed...
344Club130AmplifySilverThis wooden club can do more damage than it looks.
283Clyde137AbsorbGoldSwimming is hard.
33Cobra61PierceBronzeA venomous snake that is cautious of people in camouflage named Joe.
479Cold Hearted710ProtectGoldThere's no defrost setting that will thaw this frozen heart.
433Computer Bug184CurseDiamondThis bug laughs at your futile attempts to alt, tab, and delete.
387Conan811ProtectGoldBesides being the gatekeeper, he is an excellent goalie on his soccer team.
34Cthulhu710WeakenGoldAn inter-dimensional evil who slumbers under the sea.
472Cupid174CriticalDiamondShot through the heart and he's to blame.
474Cupid's Bow184CounterDiamondBeing shot with one of these arrows is painful and exhilarating at the same time.
297Cursed Apple134CurseGoldThis apple gives a new meaning to food coma.
226Cursed Flute148CurseDiamondIts enchanting melody leads listeners to their doom.
200Cyborg912ProtectDiamondHe's more machine now than man.
221Cyclone129AbsorbDiamondUproots plants, destroys buildings, and sends cows flying.
187D-30001211CriticalDiamondDoes great impersonations.
384Dante127CrushingGoldOthers find him more intimidating and calculating when he holds a pocket watch.
389Dark Alchemist173AbsorbGoldThe seeds of envy were planted after eating his brother's creation of peanut butter and jelly.
35Dark Angel106SiphonGoldHark, the herald angel sings of your doom.
243Dark Elf1410CriticalDiamondNot all elves bake cookies and make toys.
357Dark Hero116PierceGoldStrangely resembles the Legendary Hero.
356Dark Matter104SiphonSilverPrevalent in the void, this element is still a great mystery.
36Death30OrbBronzeGame over, man. Game over.
38Death Metal70AmplifyBronzeThe power to blow your mind!...and your ear drums.
201Death Ray192AbsorbDiamondIt's fully armed and operational with one tiny requisite flaw.
39Death's Horse86ReflectGoldWears a hooded robe, much like his owner.
290Decimation1510CounterDiamondKnown as the first mutant, he is bent on destroying those who oppose him.
40Demon41OrbBronzeThese hellish creatures are always causing trouble.
82Demonite78ReflectGoldGood never looked so bad.
41Devil77WeakenGoldAlways looking to make a deal.
477Diamond Ring1211CriticalDiamondPut a ring on it.
210Dire Bear128CrushingDiamondAngry that he can't find a tall enough tree to scratch his back.
42Dire Wolf83ReflectSilverWhat big eyes you have...
238Discipliner115CriticalGoldVigilante justice by any means necessary.
291Doctor88ProtectGoldDid someone call for a doctor?
447Doll166CurseDiamondHer lifeless eyes are watching you.
43Double Rainbow135AmplifyGoldDouble rainbow all the way! What does it mean?!?
307Dr. Jekyll127CounterGoldDon't get on his bad side.
259Dr. Robo137CounterGoldHe just wants what any other robot wants; clones, world domination, and love.
205Dr. Savage1011CurseDiamondHe wasn't always this furry.
320Dr. What1010CounterDiamondAlwyays carries a multi-tool, complete with a flashlight and can opener.
375Draco118CrushingGoldHis can still smell the hot halitosis breath that haunts him.
45Dracula87SiphonGoldI vant to drink your blood!
46Dragon32OrbBronzeRawr, I'm a dragon!
47Dragon Rider116ReflectGoldIs the envy of those stuck in traffic.
436Dragonfly158CriticalDiamondIt's a fire breathing
414Dreidel129CriticalDiamondGold chocolate coins are at stake in this fast spinning game.
48Druid610WeakenGoldNature and forest beasts are this casters weapon of choice.
49Dryad410WeakenGoldForest nymphs often like to hide in trees when in trouble.
364Duncan136CrushingGoldHe likes the taste of intelligent brains the best. More food for thought.
50Dust Bath410WeakenGoldNo one escapes the dust cloud from a chinchilla bath.
51Dwarf58BlockSilverShort and stout with a strong center of gravity.
52Earth02OrbBronzeStuck between a rock and a hard place.
53Earthquake80WeakenBronzeAlways looking for the next seismic wave.
429Earthworm610ProtectGoldMakes an appearance on rainy days.
321Einstein156CurseDiamondIt's all relative.
192Electric Eel1013AbsorbDiamondHe has high shock value.
54Elf32OrbBronzeAgile and skilled in combat, while maintaining perfect hair at all times.
300Elf Baker129AbsorbDiamondThe secret is in the fudge.
466Elf King146CounterGoldHe has seen the weakness of man when it comes to shiny circular objects.
55Elf Wizard810SiphonGoldMostly known for their healing powers.
251Ella1513CrushingDiamondHis new pets are getting hungry and restless.
275Elmoira173CurseGoldCuteness only enrages her and sends her into a cuddle frenzy.
215Emok1410CurseDiamondThey are also known as the angry teddy bear people.
175Energy72OrbGoldIt's what fuels everything.
272Ethyl127CriticalGoldShe is coming out with her own line of designer pet clothing.
56Excalibur134PierceGoldMay require a jackhammer to get to this sword.
443EZ Cake Oven1411CrushingDiamondThis cake is burnt on the outside and raw on the inside.
57Fairy23OrbBronzeKnown for excessive use of sparkling glitter.
58Fairy Godmother311BlockGoldA wand and some fairy dust is all she needs to fix a problem.
59Farmer77PierceGoldAble to grow some menacing crops.
60Fire20OrbBronzeDoes not play well with anything remotely flammable.
61Fire Golem84AmplifySilverDoesn't make too many friends in crowded subways.
232Fire Lord138CrushingDiamondHe's literally on fire.
62Fire Sprite83SiphonSilverLikes to steal the flame from birthday candles as a hobby.
63Fireball110AmplifySilverOh god, it burns!
428Firefly99CurseGoldMany have switched to using an energy efficient bulb.
64Firefox74SiphonSilverLikes to browse the web.
198Fireworks142CriticalGoldSky 'splosions! 'Murica!
65Flame Sword102ReflectSilverMust wear oven mitts in order to wield this fiery sword.
366Flint154AbsorbGoldHis hair has not moved in the last century.
281Flip190AbsorbGoldHis laser never misses its mark.
66Flood52SiphonBronzeOf biblical proportions.
299Fluff Puff318ProtectDiamondOn a rampage for graham crackers and chocolate.
285Food55OrbGoldHas the power to subdue any growling stomach.
179Fossil129ProtectDiamondStuck between a rock and a hard place.
185Fountain of Youth020ProtectDiamondThis fountain should come in a juice pouch instead.
250Francois1810ProtectDiamondHe was once a judge on a popular cooking competition show.
196Frankenstein814CrushingDiamondHas an irrational fear of large mobs, torches, and pitchforks.
343Friendly Dino98WeakenGoldHe is really into hugs and love.
424Fruit Cake142AbsorbGoldFruit is good and cake is good, but fruit cake is terrible.
459Gaia127CrushingGoldShe has the whole world in her hands.
271Gale812CurseGold Her evil plan was inspired by a board game.
67Gargoyle58BlockSilverNot fond of pigeons.
202General Viper911CriticalDiamondThe other half of the battle is owning a giant snake robot.
223Genie914CurseDiamondRolls his eyes whenever someone wishes for more wishes.
68Geomancer511AmplifyGoldOften referred to as earth benders, their power relies on earth manipulation.
69Ghost63WeakenBronzeThis is not the friendly one.
70Giant Sword83PierceBronzeThis thing is awesome powerful. If you can lift it...
71Gladiator114PierceGoldA powerful warrior and hero of the people.
273Gladys910ProtectGoldHer Chinchilla Postulate states that chinchillas have an absolute value of cute.
72Gnome47BlockSilverAspires to be more than just a lawn ornament.
73Goblin95PierceGoldThese green skinned creatures love treasure and gold.
268Goblor145CounterGoldHe keeps looking over his shoulder as he counts his treasure.
75Golem14OrbBronzeAnimated by wizards to act as their body guard.
76Gorezilla107AmplifyGoldHates giant moths.
77Grabbers34BlockBronzeIt loves to eat tap dancers and clog dancers.
381Graham137AbsorbGoldHe enjoys attaching lasers to everything he possibly can.
430Grasshopper1310CounterDiamondHe was forced to use this fighting stance after his leg was swept.
199Great Wall018ProtectGoldDefense is sometimes the greatest offense.
476Green Eyed Monster185CurseDiamondYou jelly?
78Green Knight59BlockSilverA knight who uses poison warfare as his arsenal of choice.
278Greg109CrushingGoldHe likes to imagine what it would be like to play with his collectables.
236Gremlin96AbsorbGoldDo not feed it after midnight or get it wet!
79Guardian Angel214BlockGoldYou may never be able to see them, but they are always watching over you.
217Gummy Bear617ProtectDiamondIncredibly resilient and delicious.
270Gus127CurseGoldHis heart is full, but his pockets are empty.
261Gwen811ProtectGoldShe is the mean girl of the renaissance fair.
178Half-Life148CounterDiamondStill waiting for the sequel that will never come.
390Halloween52OrbGoldA frightful day of ghouls, ghosts, and sugar hyped kids.
80Hammer41OrbBronzeUsed for pounding nails and whacking moles.
186Hammer Time816ProtectDiamondUntouchable.
254Harmony136CurseGoldShe will hex you to become an eco-conscious consumer, as well as a frog.
228Harpy139CounterDiamondHer shriek is as sharp as her talons.
401Harvest1110AbsorbDiamondTime to reap the fruits and veggies of your labor.
81Headless Rider75SiphonSilverHe is known for his impressive pumpkin carving skills.
295Healthy Hero99ProtectGoldEating vegetables gives him strong muscles, especially in the forearms.
319Heavens020ProtectDiamondNo one knows how this castle can float on water vapor.
386Helene109CrushingGoldShe always looks at herself whenever she passes a reflective surface.
370Henry109CurseGoldHe feels like the soccer ball never speaks to him anymore.
421Holiday Lights127CriticalGoldThey shine so bright, right through your curtains and into your eyes at night.
411Holidays34OrbGoldIt's the most wonderful time of the year.
83Holy Water14OrbBronzeBlessed spring water from the heavens. No filtration required.
84Horse12OrbBronzeHis name is Ed.
293Hot Pepper191CrushingDiamondHe's so hot, he's cool.
274Hubert136CriticalGoldHis least favorite animal is the mongoose.
471Hug-o-Tron1510CriticalDiamondSomeone taught a robot how to love.
85Human32OrbSilverMostly harmless.
88Hydra97ReflectGoldThree heads are better than two or one.
89Hydromancer88SiphonGoldEven oceans can be moved by the most powerful hydromancers.
90Ice Golem48BlockSilverTired of people chipping off his fingers to cool their beverages.
233Ice King813CurseDiamondA lonely king looking for his queen.
304Ifrit1111CrushingDiamondThis Jinn can only be summoned by the most powerful video game characters.
286Immortal814AbsorbDiamondA fearsome warrior that stands the test of time.
91Imp74WeakenSilverDo not feed it after midnight.
345Indiana Ford88BlockGoldHe hates snakes.
427Insect52OrbGoldIts worst nightmare is being crushed like a bug.
365Ivana155AbsorbGoldShe has kept the old ways, but her brother Vlad has embraced the hipster ways.
462Jack Anger1210CriticalDiamondHe leads Earth's defense against the supervillains of the universe.
391Jack-o'-lantern125CurseGoldHas a glowing smile.
308Jaeger1510CrushingDiamondNow equipped with a giant sword, it's only for use in dire emergencies.
277Janice145CriticalGoldShe is dressed as her favorite character, Xenie, a vampire warrior elf princess.
374Jasper127CurseGoldHe wonders why no one ever likes or comments on his posts.
282Jem118CriticalGoldWas once offered to transform her tail into legs by a powerful sorceress.
92Jet Fighter74AmplifyBronzeHit the brakes. He'll fly right by.
256Jim172AbsorbGoldHe is into all things eXtreme!!!
385Kate1010ProtectGoldPink frosted donuts are her favorite way to start the day.
112Killer Plant52SiphonBronzeThis carnivorous plant hunts the most dangerous game.
330King108BlockGoldSome are great, some are cruel, and some eat turkey legs.
388King Dodo118CurseGoldHe is living the good life.
263King Kyle1010ProtectGoldHis turkey leg is the secret source of his power.
455Kite88CriticalGoldFlying a kite in a thunderstorm is not recommended.
93Knight34OrbSilverLikes to dance the robot while wearing shiny armor.
324Knowledge43OrbSilverAll that is known and unknown.
94Kraken710BlockGoldBeing woken from its eternal slumber, it will be a little cranky when released.
383Larry910ProtectGoldHis spandex suit is one size fits all.
197Laser182CriticalDiamondMakes a pew pew sound when activated.
98Laser Sword133PierceGoldInfused with the sun's energy, it makes cool whoosh sounds when you wave it around.
95Lava51AmplifyBronzeLiquid hot magma.
457Leader58OrbGoldSomeone you would want to follow.
331Learning Rainbow106SiphonGoldYou can go anywhere and be anything with a book!
96Legendary Hero98BlockGoldOften mistaken for a princess.
362Leon118CriticalGoldAll work and no play makes Leon a dull skeleton.
249Leopold1711CrushingDiamondSitting on a tornado all day is giving his bottom a windburn.
97Leprechaun113WeakenGoldGuards a magically delicious marshmallow recipe.
237Lich108CurseGoldIn the world of the undead, he is the life of the party.
203Lieutenant USA1014CounterDiamondFor a wimp, he looks good for his age.
284Life27OrbGoldIt's alive!
399Lil' Android1110ReflectGoldCounts electric sheep to fall asleep.
99Lochness Monster67BlockSilverAn expert at hide and seek. Mainly the hiding part.
468Love43OrbGoldThat warm fuzzy feeling.
480Love Bug127CriticalGoldOne venomous bite from this bug will make you lovesick.
469Love Potion147CriticalDiamondPotions 1 through 8 failed quality inspection, but number 9 was perfect.
246Lucy1612AbsorbDiamondThe first thing she plans to do once she is human, is to eat a tub of ice cream.
376Luna145CurseGoldShe is excited to finally meet her long time penpal, Milton.
189Maelstrom1010AbsorbDiamondA whirlpool circling you to your doom.
100Magic22OrbSilverMore than just pulling a bunny out of a hat.
235Magnet Dude1310AbsorbDiamondHe has an inexplicable magnetism about him.
242Malevolent1211CurseDiamondShe will have her revenge! sixteen years.
333Mama Brain105SiphonGoldShe is all brain and no muscle.
218Master Alchemist1312CurseDiamondAt the age of three, he accidentally created alchemy by combining peanut butter and jelly.
409Mayflower1012ProtectDiamondIt's a rustic way to travel overseas.
211Mecha Bear914CrushingDiamondA robot with the brain of a bear.
101Medusa74WeakenSilverShe tends to get self-conscious around mirrors.
335Megalodon162PierceGoldThinks great white sharks are cute when they try to act like the top predator.
412Menorah99CounterGoldPrefers the window seat.
102Mermaid66WeakenSilverHopefully it's the top half that is human.
103Metal03OrbBronzePrecious ores extracted from the earth, melted and molded for various uses.
104Metal Golem311BlockSilverThe immovable object.
339Meteor150AmplifySilverMany believe the inside of this rock contains delicious fizzy candy.
251Miles1414ProtectDiamondHis new pets are getting hungry and restless.
279Milton1010CrushingGoldHis favorite microwave burrito is bean and cheese.
302Monster45OrbGoldLikes to hide under beds or in closets.
313Monster Slayer194CriticalDiamondThe green eye is always searching for monsters to slay.
105Morning Star101PierceSilverGetting hit by one of these is probably the worst way to start your morning.
439Mosquito162AbsorbGoldThere is no possible way you can escape a mosquito bite.
372Mr. Buttons136CounterGoldHe eats his raisins with a fork and knife.
247Mr. Pimm1513CounterDiamondEven as space and time unravels before him, he still has time for afternoon tea.
326Mr. Ted85WeakenSilverHe is contemplating the meaning of life, while munching on a sugar cube.
181Mummy810CounterGoldJust wants some fresh bandages.
396Murder of Crows148CounterDiamondA giant flock of ominous crows has never hurt anyone...yet.
332Muse76AmplifySilverShe is the light bulb above your head when you get a good idea.
21Mutant Man1010ReflectGoldBe specific when asking him to lend you a hand.
446My Mini Horse1410CounterDiamondThis magical horse wants to be your friend.
382Nadia145CounterGoldShe is a ninja assassin, because both are cool.
463Naga Queen134CurseGoldA former elven queen, she is now transformed into the powerful naga queen.
106Necromancer86WeakenGoldJust because they are dead, doesn't mean they aren't useful.
361Nessa137CurseGoldShe believes magic is capable of solving all her problems.
349Night Dragon136PierceGoldA terrifying dragon camouflaged against the night sky.
348Nightmare87WeakenGoldThis horse contains a turbulent energy that can't be tamed.
352Nightshade76SiphonSilverIts thorns contain a poison that causes dark visions.
107Ninchilla116ReflectGoldHas the reflexes of a cat and the speed of a mongoose.
287Nine Tailed Fox1012AbsorbDiamondEach of its tails hold immeasurable power.
420Nutcracker146CrushingGoldThere is no nut this duo can't crack.
465Oberon1310CounterDiamondHe has a love-hate relationship with the Fairy Queen.
3Ocean Defender73SiphonSilverSuperhero of the sea. Land is his only weakness.
257Olive712CriticalGoldShe was mastering particle physics and the box step by the age of five.
262Otto136CrushingGoldHe sweats profusely in his dragon suit.
180Ouroboros815CriticalDiamondCan't stop biting its tail.
378Paige109ProtectGoldShe rolls her eyes at everything and pretends to not care about anything.
108Paladin710BlockGoldBringer of the light!
213Panda616CrushingDiamondThe ninja of the bears.
323Pastry Cat1410CriticalDiamondDespite the rainbows and chocolate filling, he is always grumpy.
360Pebbles712ProtectGoldHe is a real softy underneath that rocky exterior.
109Pegasus44ReflectBronzeI'll believe it when horses can fly.
182Persian Royalty138CriticalDiamondUnable to get all the hourglass sand out of his shoes.
110Pestilence's Horse86ReflectGoldFears nothing, except soap and water.
255Peter146AbsorbGoldHis undead minions have excellent multi-tasking skills.
276Phil154CounterGoldHis strength is his weakness.
111Phoenix114SiphonSilverBorn again from the ashes.
193Pikamon1013AbsorbDiamondHe's claustrophobic and only knows how to say his name.
403Pilgrim129CriticalDiamondYou will have a hard time convincing him to go on a cruise.
408Pilgrim Chin1210CriticalDiamondThis chin is thankful for the bountiful harvest of raisins.
426Pinch149CurseDiamondHe's filled with holiday jeer.
113Pirate Zombie76PierceSilverThis zombie has sea legs and likes wearing an eye patch.
314Planet512CrushingGoldOurs is the third rock from the sun.
194Plasma Sword148CriticalDiamondSometimes it is better to bring a knife to a gun fight.
402Plymouth Rock610ProtectGoldIt's half the rock it used to be.
114Poison30OrbBronzeConsumption may be deadly for one's health.
115Poison Dagger141PierceGoldAvoid pricking your own finger when using this dagger.
116Poison Dragon125WeakenGoldHas a poisonous breath, not curable with any mints.
241Poison Oak157CriticalDiamondCausing skin irritation and dermatitis is her specialty.
207Polar Bear99CrushingGoldThe perfect arctic hunter.
117Poseidon86PierceSilverHe lives in a pineapple under the sea.
437Praying Mantis127CriticalGoldShe is praying for a mate that will stick around.
334Prehistoric52OrbSilverThe age when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.
475Prince Charming712ProtectGoldHe's a smooth operator.
452Princess1010ProtectGoldShe has plans to own a pink convertible and dream house someday.
327Professor Y127WeakenGoldHe is able to see into your mind, unless you wear an aluminum foil hat.
458Prometheus912AbsorbDiamondHe will soon find out why this hungry eagle is eyeing his liver.
338Pterodactyl115WeakenGoldIts screech can shatter eardrums for miles.
118Puff86AmplifySilverHe's magic and lives by the sea.
417Pumpkin Prince1410CurseDiamondHe wishes everyone a frightfully joyful holiday.
296Punchy187CrushingDiamondOh yeah!
119Pyromancer106AmplifyGoldHe's the fire starter.
379Quinn109CriticalGoldHer food blog is the most trafficked website among evil chefs.
317Raccoon Guardian175CounterDiamondDon't ask if he has rabies.
120Radiation30OrbBronzeMy eyes! The goggles do nothing!
121Raging Bird122AmplifyGoldSo fat, it requires a slingshot to fly.
367Raina118CounterGoldShe is experimenting with flavored waters to expand her line of bottled water.
122Rainbow41OrbBronzeFull of magical smiles and joy.
298Rainbow Candy105CriticalGoldTaste the ROYGBIV.
456Rainbow Girl109ProtectGoldShe believes in the power of color therapy.
123Red Knight95ReflectSilverA knight who commands the power of fire to burn his enemies.
449Robotic Toy1111CounterDiamondThis retro toy was futuristic for its time.
142Rock Slide59BlockSilverSpends an extraordinary amount on skin moisturizer.
416Rudolph129CriticalDiamondOnce an outcast, he's now the most popular reindeer at the north pole.
340Saberchilla137PierceGoldThe lesser known cousin of the sabertooth tiger.
310Sandman813AbsorbDiamondHas won many sand castle competitions.
222Sandstorm156CurseDiamondWho knew that tiny particles of flying sand could hurt so much?
269Sandy136CriticalGoldThere is a fire inside her belly, probably indigestion from eating too much chili.
415Santa Claus1312CrushingDiamondIt takes more than a plate of milk and cookies to get off the naughty list.
423Santa's Helper1210CriticalDiamondSanta's Workshop was named one of the best companies to work for elves.
397Scarecrow1312ProtectDiamondIt smiles because it knows all of your deepest, darkest fears.
325Scholar86PierceSilverHe studies day and night to obtain all the knowledge in the universe.
124Scythe110PierceSilverA terrifying weapon of death, and also a handy tool to cut crops.
125Seahorse62ReflectBronzeFavors dad more than mom.
351Shadow Prelate164PierceGoldA fearless warrior of the void, he will defend his homeworld heroically.
126Shapeshifter77ReflectGoldThese casters always smell like rodent or wet dog.
395Sinister Gourdling1410AbsorbDiamondGrows more powerful each day leading up to Halloween.
127Sir Lancelot910PierceGoldA valiant knight that is also popular with the ladies.
128Skeletal Dragon106SiphonGoldNot really sure how these things can fly without skin.
129Skeletal Mage82WeakenSilverThey are undead wizards animated by necromancers.
130Sledge Hammer102ReflectSilverSometimes a sharp blade just won't cut it.
280Slithers154CounterGoldFlattery will get him everywhere.
239Smug1510CrushingDiamondDo not touch his bling or he will be your death.
131Snake21OrbBronzeA long, legless reptile that does not like to chew its food.
450Snakes in a Can181CriticalGoldThis gag never works on children, since no child wants a can of mixed nuts.
132Snakes on a Jet71PierceBronzeI'm tired of these stupid snakes, on this stupid plane!
418Snow Angel810ProtectGoldA true snow angel.
413Snowflake106CriticalGoldNo two are exactly alike.
422Snowman815AbsorbDiamondThere is nothing frosty about his personality.
354Soul Stealer133SiphonGoldThis creature feeds on souls and soul music.
303Space55OrbGoldThe final frontier.
188Space Guardian1411ProtectDiamondDefender of the universe that enjoys coffee and doughnuts.
431Space Moth1411CrushingDiamondHates giant lizards.
316Spaceship118CriticalGoldSpace mobiles with warp speed.
470Sparkling Vampire1311CriticalDiamondHe has a sparkling personality.
265Spencer127ProtectGoldHe has vowed to never ask for directions ever again.
224Spirit Wolf1312AbsorbDiamondAn animal guide in the journey to find spiritual enlightenment.
398Spooky Tree1110CrushingDiamondIt likes to tap its branches on your window at night.
206Spork of Doom167CurseDiamondForged in the cafeteria of the ancients.
444Squirt Gun183CriticalDiamondEffective in drenching your enemies or getting your cat off the table.
134Steam24WeakenBronzeMakes a really good fog of war.
135Steel Hero79BlockGoldBatteries not included.
359Stewart811CriticalGoldHe only owns one shirt, which he will wear until it disintegrates.
448Stuffed Plushie810AbsorbGoldThis toy will always be by your side.
136Submarine44BlockBronzeWe all don't live in a submarine.
137Sun30OrbBronzeA hot ball of swirling gas in the sky. Not recommended for close contact.
266Sunny910ProtectGoldNo one can put a lid on her bubbly personality.
13Super Bat86ReflectGoldFighting crime when he's not passed out from sleeping upside down.
138Super Nova140AmplifyGoldSo much cooler than a regular nova.
139Superhero43OrbSilverPossesses superhuman powers, generally used to fight evil. Spandex is a must.
306Swamp Monster1212CurseDiamondNo matter how many mud baths he takes, people still won't invite him over for dinner.
140Sword51OrbSilverThinks it's mightier than any pen.
368Terrance910ProtectGoldHe is actually very down to earth.
169The Badger88PierceGoldHe don't care.
240The Grater913CounterDiamondTurtles, rats, and hard cheeses beware.
86The Incinerator103AmplifySilverHe's taking out the trash.
44The Magician57WeakenSilverHe's the smartest guy in the room.
133The Reaper86AmplifySilverHe's actually a very fun guy.
141The Snake Lord117SiphonGoldFor some reason, people have a hard time saying his name.
143The World Tree74SiphonSilverAll life is connected to this ancient tree.
260Theodore163AbsorbGoldHe is an expert at shooting polyhedral dice.
144Thor99ReflectGoldHe has mastered rainbow road.
195Thor's Hammer99CrushingGoldAn all purpose hammer for beating up bad guys.
174Time55OrbGoldThe past, present, and future.
322Titan of Death1210AbsorbDiamondEach jewel provides him with immeasurable power.
393Tombstone810ProtectGoldRest in pieces.
258Toximo 3000109CounterGoldHe will destroy you to the soothing sounds of pan flutes.
442Toy43OrbGoldIt's all fun and games.
190Transformobot1212ProtectDiamondWho thought a pimped out ride would be the best disguise?
145Treant86ReflectSilverThese ancient trees sure have a lot of stories to tell.
146Tree04OrbBronzeProvides good defensive cover from the elements.
336Triceratops77PierceGoldModern day bulls have nothing on this giant dinosaur.
394Trick or Treater1211CriticalDiamondHas smelly feet and always wants something good to eat.
147Trident40OrbBronzeUseful in roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, also a powerful weapon.
312Troll138CrushingDiamondHe does not like internet trolls.
407Turkey98AbsorbGoldEat too much and you will enter a deep sleep.
400Turkey Day43OrbGoldInstead of a turducken, here's a pil-tur-kin!
405Turkey Zombie158CounterDiamondThis turkey will carve you for dinner instead!
404Turkeyzilla1410CrushingDiamondThis enraged turkey will gobble up the city.
204Ultimate Soldier1312CounterDiamondShoots smart bullets from his smart gun using his smart HUD.
148Ultra Dude87AmplifySilverGets his extraordinary powers and daily dose of vitamin D from the sun.
149Undead12OrbBronzeIs a connoisseur of human brains and organs.
37Undead Knight107SiphonGoldA new meaning for posthumously awarded.
150Unicorn97PierceGoldA creature of majestic grace and beauty, they are also rumored to dance on rainbows.
328USB of 999 Truths133AmplifyGoldA weapon so powerful, it must be stored on a USB drive for the right hero.
377Uther713ProtectGoldHe uses a lemon scented wood cleaner to dust and polish his limbs.
294Vamp Crunch139CurseDiamondEating crunchy cereal is not so easy with fangs.
151Vampchilla95SiphonGoldHer thirst for blood is unrivaled to her thirst for raisin juice.
152Vampire41OrbBronzeDoes not sparkle like diamonds when exposed to the sun.
153Vampire Hunter73PierceSilverArmed with high-tech weaponry, such as a wooden stake and crossbow.
248Vera199CurseDiamondShe was voted as the Most Diabolical in the League of Chaos.
453Video Game1310CurseDiamondRequires a can of compressed air or strong lungs to get it working.
220Villain73OrbGoldAlways up to no good.
289Virus192CrushingDiamondCan bring down any opponent with a case of the sniffles.
253Vlad118CurseGoldHe went to music festivals before it became cool.
346Void43OrbSilverChaotic energy which fills the negative space.
355Void Fiend105SiphonSilverThey typically run in packs, causing harm and mischief.
350Void Horror126AmplifyGoldThis creature can see you coming a mile away.
347Void Shaman117WeakenGoldHas managed to channel the powers of the void into organized chaos.
353Voidwalker116ReflectGoldA conjured minion used among powerful wizards in the void.
154Vulture52PierceBronzeBaldness runs in the family.
74War God99ReflectGoldAnger management class has not been working.
156Warlock97WeakenGoldDark wizards that study black magic.
155War's Horse47WeakenSilverThinks peace is overrated.
157Wasp92PierceSilverTotally different from a bee.
158Water11OrbBronzeLife juice for all living things.
159Water Serpent32OrbBronzeGets upset when people mistake it for a giant eel.
160Water Sprite66SiphonSilverDances on the tops of rivers, taunting the fish below.
216Werebear119CounterDiamondSome unlucky person got bit by both a cursed bear and a cursed wolf.
87Werevamp99SiphonGoldThey can turn into a werewolf at will and walk in the daylight.
161Werewolf32OrbBronzeComes prepared with an extra pair of underwear and pants during full moons.
162Wildfire70AmplifyBronzeWill eventually burn itself out from too much partying.
219Wind81OrbGoldAir in motion.
225Windmaster Eng816CriticalDiamondHis baldness just makes him more aerodynamic.
231Windmill of Doom514ProtectGoldThe most feared hole in the world of miniature golf.
163Wings12OrbBronzeEverything is easier with wings. Except landing. Landing is harder.
164Witch93WeakenSilverShe'll get you, and your little dog too!
165Witch Doctor115WeakenGoldHas a voodoo doll for each of his enemies.
392Witch's Brew1310CurseDiamondEye of newt is what gives this brew its kick.
167Wizard60OrbSilverHumans grew even more powerful when they began studying arcane magic.
460Wizard Headmaster158CurseDiamondOrder of Merlin, First Class.
166Wiz's Apprentice83WeakenSilverA red robe and blue wizard's hat is all she needs to conjure raisins.
168Wolf21OrbBronzeHe's a lone wolf.
170Wolfpack54AmplifyBronzeNo longer a one man wolfpack.
171Wonderful Chin1010BlockGoldIt's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's Wonderful Chin!
172Wooden Golem212BlockSilverPetrified wood makes for some hardy armor.
440Wormhole1111AbsorbDiamondFew know of this giant cosmic worm who creates shortcuts in space and time.
746 World Turtle 17 8 Crushing Blow Diamond Known
309Wraith173CurseDiamondThese apparitions are only visible to he who wears the ring that binds them.
173Wyvern65PierceSilverA popular mount for the horde.
251Xanthar1612AbsorbDiamondHis mind was blown when he learned of jelly filled donuts.
318Xenomorph147AbsorbDiamondLikes to rest inside warm tummies.
305Yeti710ProtectGoldAlways has snowcones available for guests.
184Young Wolf1012AbsorbDiamondHigh school is the least of his worries.
467Zeus1410CriticalDiamondRelieves stress through smiting his enemies.
311Ziz128CriticalDiamondThe wings of this beast are known to block out the sun.
212Zombie Bear1110AbsorbDiamondAlways searching for picnic baskets full of brains.
473Zombie Romeo137CurseGoldIt's not a tragic love story if he's already dead.
341Zombiesaur126SiphonGoldPerhaps a zombie apocalypse brought down the dinosaurs.
358Zugzug109CrushingGoldHe has combined ham and turkey to create the ultimate cold cut combo.

* The card numbers are taken directly from the game. The internal code lists them as such. YES, Some values are duplicated.