Prize Card

Death can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 3 0
2 4 1
3 5 2
4 6 3
5 7 4

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Card Result Research
AfflictionUndead1 Hour
All Hallows' EveGhost1 Hour
AngelDark Angel24 Hours
AngerFuries48 Hours
ApocalypseBlack Death48 Hours
BeautyUndead Bride48 Hours
BirdDark Swan48 Hours
BlobUndead Slime48 Hours
BoneLich24 Hours
CamouflageShadow People24 Hours
CartoonMr. Beetleson48 Hours
CursedEgyptian Tomb24 Hours
DesertVulture1 Hour
DestructionSoul Harvester24 Hours
DogAnubis48 Hours
DragonSkeletal Dragon24 Hours
EarthTombstone24 Hours
EnergyGhost1 Hour
Fairy TaleBluebeard24 Hours
FireDemon1 Hour
FishBlowfish24 Hours
FoodVulture1 Hour
Galaxy WarsSpace Ghosts48 Hours
GiantGashadokuro48 Hours
HealingDr. Frankenstein48 Hours
HolidaysPumpkin Prince48 Hours
HornHades48 Hours
HorseDeath's Horse24 Hours
HumanGhost1 Hour
HybridAnubis48 Hours
ImmortalityPhilosopher's Stone24 Hours
InsectBlack Widow48 Hours
InventionDr. Frankenstein48 Hours
KnightUndead Knight24 Hours
KnowledgeNecromancer24 Hours
LeaderNecromancer24 Hours
LifeUndead1 Hour
LoveBlack Widow48 Hours
MadnessPuzzle Master48 Hours
MagicUndead1 Hour
Martial ArtsSpectre Ninja48 Hours
MedievalBlack Death48 Hours
MetalDeath Metal1 Hour
Mind ControlEntropic Magic48 Hours
MonsterWraith48 Hours
MultiplesMany Faced Man24 Hours
MusicDeath Metal1 Hour
MutationMutant Destroyer48 Hours
MythHades48 Hours
ParasiteWraith48 Hours
PlantZombie Fungus48 Hours
Pocket PetBone Chin48 Hours
Precious Ring LoreWraith48 Hours
PrehistoricMeteor6 Hours
PsychicShadow Prophet24 Hours
RadiationRadiation Sickness24 Hours
RelicNecrocomicon48 Hours
ReptileBasilisk48 Hours
RodentRat Reaper48 Hours
RoyaltyThe Bone King48 Hours
Royal GameWight24 Hours
ScienceDeath Ray48 Hours
Sci-FiDeath Ray48 Hours
SidekickIgor48 Hours
SleepNightmare Stalker48 Hours
SpaceBlack Hole24 Hours
SpeedWraith48 Hours
SpiritSoul Harvester24 Hours
StrengthUndead Knight24 Hours
SunBlack Hole24 Hours
SuperheroThe Reaper6 Hours
SwordScythe6 Hours
The Chosen OneZombie Hunter48 Hours
ToyVoodoo Doll24 Hours
TreeMistletoe24 Hours
Turkey DayTurkey Zombie48 Hours
TurtleParched Skeleton24 Hours
UndergroundTombstone24 Hours
UnderwaterFish Bone48 Hours
VehicleDemonic Bike48 Hours
VillainSoul Harvester24 Hours
WarGhost Army48 Hours
WaterPoison1 Hour
WealthMummy24 Hours
WeaponScythe6 Hours
WindPoison1 Hour
WingsVulture1 Hour
WizardNecromancer24 Hours
Wizarding SchoolDeath's Gifts48 Hours