Prize Card

Earth can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 0 2
2 1 3
3 2 4
4 3 5
5 4 6


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
AfflictionStonescale48 Hours
All Hallows' EveTombstone24 Hours
AngerEarthquake1 Hour
ApocalypseWorld Eater24 Hours
BatGargoyle6 Hours
BearHibernation24 Hours
BeautyGoddess Pele48 Hours
BirdGargoyle6 Hours
BlobMudslide24 Hours
BloodDwarf6 Hours
BoneFossil48 Hours
CamouflageSwamp Monster48 Hours
CartoonPlanet Commander24 Hours
CatSphinx24 Hours
CursedEgyptian Tomb24 Hours
DeathTombstone24 Hours
DesertEgyptian Tomb24 Hours
DestructionEarthquake1 Hour
EarthEarthquake1 Hour
EnergyEarthquake1 Hour
ExtraterrestrialWorld Eater24 Hours
FairyGnome6 Hours
Fairy TaleCastle24 Hours
FireLava1 Hour
FoodCandy Nation48 Hours
Galaxy WarsCarnivorous Pit24 Hours
GiantAtlas24 Hours
GolemRock Slide6 Hours
HammerMiner24 Hours
HealingMandrake48 Hours
HolidaysDreidel48 Hours
HornRock Dragon48 Hours
HumanDwarf6 Hours
HybridSkeletal Isle24 Hours
IceAvalanche24 Hours
ImmortalityThunder God48 Hours
InsectEarthworm24 Hours
InventionAlchemist48 Hours
KnightPlanet Commander24 Hours
KnowledgeGeomancer24 Hours
LeaderGaia24 Hours
LifeGolem1 Hour
LoveDiamond Ring48 Hours
MadnessThe Brown Druid48 Hours
MagicGolem1 Hour
Martial ArtsThunder God48 Hours
MedievalCastle24 Hours
Mind ControlMind Jewel48 Hours
MiniatureAsteroid Prince24 Hours
MonkeyMonkey King48 Hours
MonsterSwamp Monster48 Hours
MoonMoon Golem48 Hours
MultiplesMultiverse24 Hours
MusicPan48 Hours
MutationDiamond Queen24 Hours
MythGaia24 Hours
ParasiteWorld Eater24 Hours
PlantMandrake48 Hours
Pocket PetGeode24 Hours
Precious Ring LoreThe Brown Druid48 Hours
PrehistoricTriceratops24 Hours
PsychicPsychic Elementalist48 Hours
RainbowCave Monkeys24 Hours
RelicWorship Stones24 Hours
ReptileWorld Turtle48 Hours
RodentGroundhog24 Hours
RoyaltyAsteroid Prince24 Hours
Royal GameLady Revenant24 Hours
ScienceGreat Wall24 Hours
Sci-FiSwamp Monster48 Hours
SidekickMoon24 Hours
SleepMister Sandman24 Hours
SnakeGrabbers1 Hour
SpacePlanet24 Hours
SpeedQuicksand48 Hours
SpiritTombstone24 Hours
StrengthSandstorm48 Hours
SuperheroRock Slide6 Hours
SweetsCandy Nation48 Hours
SwordHammer1 Hour
The Chosen OneBattle Prodigy48 Hours
TimeFossil48 Hours
ToyBuilding Blocks24 Hours
TridentFarmer24 Hours
Turkey DayPlymouth Rock24 Hours
TurtleWorld Turtle48 Hours
UndeadMummy24 Hours
UndergroundQuicksand48 Hours
UnderwaterAtlantis48 Hours
VehicleStonemobile24 Hours
VillainGrabbers1 Hour
VoidBurrowling24 Hours
WarTerracotta Army48 Hours
WaterTree1 Hour
WealthDiamond Ring48 Hours
WeaponSpider Mine48 Hours
WindSandstorm48 Hours
WizardGeomancer24 Hours
Wizarding SchoolMandrake48 Hours
WolfGargoyle6 Hours