Prize Card

Energy can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 7 2
2 10 5
3 13 8
4 16 11
5 19 14


This card cannot be created.

Combos (69) Show/Hide

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Card Result Research
AngelCrying Angel48 Hours
AngerInsidious Emperor24 Hours
ArcadeStatic Beast48 Hours
AshFireworks24 Hours
BeautyAurora24 Hours
BirdThunderbird48 Hours
BlobPB & Jelly Time48 Hours
CamouflageDeath Ray48 Hours
CartoonPikamon48 Hours
CatStormcat48 Hours
ChinchillaPikamon48 Hours
DeathGhost1 Hour
DestructionLaser48 Hours
DogMorphed Beast48 Hours
EarthEarthquake1 Hour
FireFireworks24 Hours
FishElectric Eel48 Hours
FoodBlue Bull48 Hours
GolemStatic Beast48 Hours
HammerThor's Hammer24 Hours
HolidaysHoliday Lights24 Hours
HorseCar1 Hour
InsectFirefly24 Hours
KnightSpace Guardian48 Hours
KnowledgeAI48 Hours
LeaderZeus48 Hours
LifeAI48 Hours
LoveFireworks24 Hours
Martial ArtsThunder God48 Hours
MetalTransformobot48 Hours
MonkeyGreat Wereape48 Hours
MonsterBlue Bull48 Hours
MoonMoonflare48 Hours
MythZeus48 Hours
ParasiteParasitic Bioweapon24 Hours
PoisonRadiation1 Hour
RainbowLaser48 Hours
RobotTransformobot48 Hours
RodentPikamon48 Hours
Sci-FiCrying Angel48 Hours
SleepNight Owl24 Hours
SnakeElectric Eel48 Hours
SpaceSuper Nova24 Hours
SpeedSurfer Dude48 Hours
SpiritChomp Dude Spirits24 Hours
StrengthLaser48 Hours
SuperheroSpace Guardian48 Hours
SweetsBlue Bull48 Hours
SwordPlasma Sword48 Hours
The Chosen OneImmortal One24 Hours
ToyVideo Game48 Hours
TurtleRacing Tortoise24 Hours
UndeadFrankenstein48 Hours
UndergroundEarthquake1 Hour
VehicleTransformobot48 Hours
VoidDark Matter6 Hours
WarBloodlust24 Hours
WaterMaelstrom48 Hours
Water SerpentElectric Eel48 Hours
WeaponPlasma Sword48 Hours
WindWindmill of Doom24 Hours
WingsBlue Bull48 Hours
WolfNine Tails Ninja24 Hours

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