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After a certain amount of progress in Little Alchemist, the player discovers one of the most entertaining aspects of the game: Events. In these events, players have the opportunity to win a multitude of new and uniquely powerful cards from defeating the same boss repeatedly, until either the Tier rewards them with a card, or until they earn a Portal Key. Now, not every card can possibly be obtained during the event, so Event Packs were introduced to provide a second chance for players to get these incredible cards. When purchased, appearing two weeks after the conclusion of the respective event, the player recieves one random card from the prize pool of that event.

To purchase any of the event packs, navigate to the Shop by tapping on the sign in the center of the main menu labeled "Shoppe". From the Shoppe menu, tap on the display case on the left side of the screen labeled "Card Packs". In this pop-up menu, you can select the event pack on sale, one of the basic packs, as well as (depending on your game progress) the Little Town Pack and Little Isles Pack. Additionally, when an Event Pack is on sale, a button will appear on the main menu labeled "Sale Pack" which when tapped will bring up the Event Pack (or Special Pack) that is being prioritized.[1]

Select one of the packs below to learn more about that pack, including the price, cardpool, description, and release information.

Huntress Pack Selector Mad Scientist Pack Selector Time Traveler Pack Selector Crazed AI Pack Selector Cyclone Pack Selector
Super Villain Pack Selector Copper Chef Pack Selector Science Fair Pack Selector Invasion Pack Selector Monster Bash Pack Selector

  1. ^ As of Version 1.31.12, a number of new Shop interfaces have been introduced for random testing. Your shop may not follow these same instructions.

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