Prize Card

Extraterrestrial can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 5 4
2 8 7
3 11 10
4 14 13
5 17 16


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
AfflictionSpace Zombie24 Hours
AngelCrying Angel48 Hours
AngerCyborg Alien Mutant24 Hours
ApocalypseAlien Sorceress24 Hours
ArcadeAlien Intruders24 Hours
BatSpace Moth48 Hours
BearEmok48 Hours
BeautyAlien Human Hybrid24 Hours
BlobThe Ooze24 Hours
CamouflageHunting Alien24 Hours
CartoonBumpy Princess48 Hours
ChinchillaAlien Beastie48 Hours
CursedGreat Wereape48 Hours
DesertJama48 Hours
DestructionCyborg Alien Mutant24 Hours
DogSpace Dog24 Hours
EarthWorld Eater24 Hours
ElfSpace Elf48 Hours
EnergyMaster Y48 Hours
ExtraterrestrialAlien Band24 Hours
FairyChangeling24 Hours
Fairy TaleAsteroid Prince24 Hours
FireMeteor6 Hours
FishSpace Admiral24 Hours
FoodPastry Cat48 Hours
Galaxy WarsAlien Mob Boss48 Hours
GiantSpace Moth48 Hours
GolemMoon Golem48 Hours
HealingDoc Lobster24 Hours
HolidaysSqueeze Toy Alien24 Hours
Holy WaterAlien Prophet48 Hours
HornAlien Band24 Hours
HorseTawn Tawn24 Hours
HumanAlien Human Hybrid24 Hours
HybridAlien Human Hybrid24 Hours
ImmortalityBolo24 Hours
InsectSpace Moth48 Hours
InventionCybernetic Humans24 Hours
KnightHunting Alien24 Hours
KnowledgeMaster Y48 Hours
LeaderSwarm Queen24 Hours
LifeHugging Alien48 Hours
LoveHugging Alien48 Hours
MadnessTitan of Death48 Hours
MagicAlien Sorceress24 Hours
Martial ArtsSuper Martial Artist48 Hours
MetalTransformobot48 Hours
Mind ControlHypnoturtle24 Hours
MiniatureNanopower24 Hours
MonsterCthulhu24 Hours
MoonMoon Golem48 Hours
MultiplesCyborg48 Hours
MusicAlien Band24 Hours
MutationCyborg Alien Mutant24 Hours
MythCthulhu24 Hours
ParasiteArm Parasite24 Hours
PlantPlant Clones48 Hours
PoisonThe Ooze24 Hours
PrehistoricAlien Dino48 Hours
PsychicAlien Prophet48 Hours
RadiationParasitic Bioweapon24 Hours
RelicOmni Igniter48 Hours
ReptileAlien Reptile24 Hours
RodentAlien Beastie48 Hours
RoyaltySwarm Queen24 Hours
ScienceAlien Human Hybrid24 Hours
Sci-FiAlien48 Hours
SidekickHairy Smuggler48 Hours
SleepCthulhu24 Hours
SnakeXenomorph48 Hours
SpaceAlien48 Hours
SpeedSurfer Dude48 Hours
StrengthMacho Alien48 Hours
SunUltra Dude6 Hours
SuperheroRaccoon Guardian48 Hours
SweetsPastry Cat48 Hours
SwordPlasma Sword48 Hours
The Chosen OneSuper Martial Artist48 Hours
TimeDr. What48 Hours
ToySqueeze Toy Alien24 Hours
TreeAli-Ent48 Hours
TridentAlien Prophet48 Hours
UndeadSpace Zombie24 Hours
UnderwaterOctopus48 Hours
VehicleSpaceship24 Hours
VillainTitan of Death48 Hours
VoidShadow Prelate24 Hours
WarMacho Alien48 Hours
WaterSpace Admiral24 Hours
Water SerpentXenomorph48 Hours
WealthAlien Mob Boss48 Hours
WingsCrying Angel48 Hours
WizardAlien Sorceress24 Hours