Prize Card

Fairy can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 2 3
2 3 4
3 4 5
4 5 6
5 6 7

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Card 1 Card 2
Fairy TaleWings

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Card Result Research
AngelFairy Godmother24 Hours
AngerMalevolent48 Hours
AshMagic6 Hours
BatImp6 Hours
BeautyNymph24 Hours
BloodBlood Imp24 Hours
CamouflageChangeling24 Hours
CartoonFairy Godmother24 Hours
DemonImp6 Hours
DestructionChaos Sprite24 Hours
DragonDragon Fairy24 Hours
EarthGnome6 Hours
ElfBlue Folk24 Hours
ExtraterrestrialChangeling24 Hours
FairyChangeling24 Hours
Fairy TaleMalevolent48 Hours
FireFire Sprite6 Hours
FishWater Sprite6 Hours
FoodPixie Sugar24 Hours
GolemGnome6 Hours
HealingDragon Fairy24 Hours
HornVoid Fiend6 Hours
HorsePegasus1 Hour
HumanElf1 Hour
HybridHalf-Fairy24 Hours
ImmortalityOberon48 Hours
InsectFirefly24 Hours
InventionGnome Gadgeteer24 Hours
KnowledgeMuse6 Hours
LeaderOberon48 Hours
MedievalMorgana48 Hours
Mind ControlChangeling24 Hours
MiniatureGnome Gadgeteer24 Hours
MonkeyFlying Monkey24 Hours
MonsterImp6 Hours
MoonTooth Fairy24 Hours
MultiplesChangeling24 Hours
MutationChangeling24 Hours
MythOberon48 Hours
ParasiteChangeling24 Hours
PlantDryad24 Hours
Pocket PetTime Fairy24 Hours
Precious Ring LoreElf1 Hour
PsychicMr. Clown48 Hours
RainbowLeprechaun24 Hours
RelicQuadforce48 Hours
ReptileDragon Fairy24 Hours
RodentFairy Godmouse48 Hours
RoyaltyOberon48 Hours
Royal GameForestfolk24 Hours
SidekickFlight Deck Fairy24 Hours
SleepTooth Fairy24 Hours
SnakeDragon Fairy24 Hours
SpiritWisp24 Hours
SunWisp24 Hours
SweetsPixie Sugar24 Hours
ToyPrincess24 Hours
TreeDryad24 Hours
TurtleFlying Trooper24 Hours
UndergroundGnome6 Hours
UnderwaterWater Sprite6 Hours
VehiclePumpkin Carriage24 Hours
VillainMalevolent48 Hours
VoidVoid Fiend6 Hours
WaterWater Sprite6 Hours
WealthTooth Fairy24 Hours
WindAir Sprite24 Hours
WizardFairy Godmother24 Hours
Wizarding SchoolPixies24 Hours