Prize Card

Fairy Tale can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 4 5
2 7 8
3 10 11
4 13 14
5 16 17


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
All Hallows' EveWitch's Brew48 Hours
AngelFairy Godmother24 Hours
AshCinderella24 Hours
BatFlying Monkey24 Hours
BearGoldilocks and Bears48 Hours
BeautyFair Princess48 Hours
BirdGolden Egg Goose24 Hours
CartoonOgre Princess24 Hours
ChinchillaWiz's Apprentice6 Hours
CursedCursed Apple24 Hours
DeathBluebeard24 Hours
DemonRumpelstiltskin48 Hours
DesertGenie48 Hours
DestructionBig Bad Wolf48 Hours
DogBig Bad Wolf48 Hours
DragonDragon Princess48 Hours
EarthCastle24 Hours
ElfRumpelstiltskin48 Hours
ExtraterrestrialAsteroid Prince48 Hours
FairyMalevolent48 Hours
FireCandy Witch24 Hours
FishSea Witch48 Hours
FoodCursed Apple24 Hours
CatCheshire Cat48 Hours
GolemBeanstalk Giant48 Hours
HammerPinocchio24 Hours
Holy WaterExcalibur24 Hours
HorseUnicorn24 Hours
HumanPrincess24 Hours
ImmortalityEternal Child24 Hours
InsectThe Talking Cricket24 Hours
KnightPrince Charming24 Hours
KnowledgeThe Talking Cricket24 Hours
LifePinocchio24 Hours
LoveTrue Love's Kiss24 Hours
MagicHappily Ever After24 Hours
MedievalKing24 Hours
MetalTin Man48 Hours
Mind Control??
MonsterMonster & Beauty24 Hours
MultiplesGoldilocks and Bears48 Hours
MusicPied Piper48 Hours
MythExcalibur24 Hours
Parasite?48 Hours
PlantJack and Beanstalk48 Hours
PoisonCursed Apple24 Hours
PrehistoricDragon1 Hour
RadiationBeanstalk Giant48 Hours
RainbowHappily Ever After24 Hours
ReptileHungry Crocodile24 Hours
RodentFairy Godmouse48 Hours
SidekickFlight Deck Fairy24 Hours
Sleep?24 Hours
SnakeDragon1 Hour
SpaceAsteroid Prince24 Hours
Speed?24 Hours
Strength?48 Hours
SunRapunzel24 Hours
SuperheroPrince Charming24 Hours
Sweets?24 Hours
SwordThe Huntsman48 Hours
The Chosen One?48 Hours
TimeWhite Rabbit24 Hours
TreeJack and Beanstalk48 Hours
TridentMermaid King24 Hours
TurtleRacing Tortoise24 Hours
UndeadUndead Bride48 Hours
Underground?24 Hours
Underwater?48 Hours
Vehicle?24 Hours
VillainMalevolent48 Hours
VoidCursed Apple24 Hours
WarThe Huntsman48 Hours
Water?24 Hours
Water SerpentDragon Princess48 Hours
WealthGolden Harp24 Hours
Weapon?24 Hours
WerewolfBig Bad Wolf48 Hours
WindGenie48 Hours
WingsFairy1 Hour
WizardWitch6 Hours
WolfBig Bad Wolf48 Hours