Prize Card

Fish can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 5 4
2 8 7
3 11 10
4 14 13
5 17 16


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
AfflictionTongue Parasite48 Hours
AngelHoly Mackerel24 Hours
AngerNaga Queen24 Hours
ApocalypseMutated Fish24 Hours
ArcadeMagicod24 Hours
BatStingray24 Hours
BeautySiren48 Hours
BlobMoon Jellyfish24 Hours
BloodTongue Parasite48 Hours
CartoonMagicod24 Hours
CatCatfish24 Hours
ChinchillaShark Rider48 Hours
CursedCursed Garden48 Hours
DeathBlowfish24 Hours
DemonNaga Queen24 Hours
DestructionSharkstorm48 Hours
DogScylla48 Hours
DragonCthulhu24 Hours
ElfNaga Queen24 Hours
EnergyElectric Eel48 Hours
ExtraterrestrialSpace Admiral24 Hours
FairyWater Sprite6 Hours
Fairy TaleSea Witch48 Hours
FoodBlowfish24 Hours
Galaxy WarsSpace Admiral24 Hours
GiantMegalodon48 Hours
HammerHammerhead Shark48 Hours
HealingDoc Lobster48 Hours
Holy WaterHoly Mackerel24 Hours
HornMutated Fish24 Hours
HorseSeahorse1 Hour
HumanMermaid6 Hours
HybridMermaid Princess48 Hours
ImmortalityDavy Jones48 Hours
InsectMantis Shrimp48 Hours
InventionLaser Shark48 Hours
KnightSwordfish48 Hours
KnowledgeSpace Admiral24 Hours
LeaderOcean Defender6 Hours
MagicMagicod24 Hours
MetalSwordfish48 Hours
Mind ControlSiren48 Hours
MiniatureSea Monkey24 Hours
MonkeySea Monkey24 Hours
MonsterLochness Monster6 Hours
MoonMoon Jellyfish24 Hours
MultiplesMutated Fish24 Hours
MusicSiren48 Hours
MutationMutated Fish24 Hours
MythKraken24 Hours
ParasiteTongue Parasite48 Hours
PlantSeahorse1 Hour
Pocket PetMagicod24 Hours
PoisonBlowfish24 Hours
PrehistoricMegalodon24 Hours
PsychicSiren48 Hours
RadiationMutated Fish24 Hours
RainbowMantis Shrimp48 Hours
RelicFossil48 Hours
ReptileNaga Queen24 Hours
RobotLaser Shark48 Hours
RodentShark Rider48 Hours
RoyaltyMermaid King24 Hours
Royal GameLady Revenant24 Hours
ScienceLaser Shark48 Hours
Sci-FiSpace Admiral24 Hours
SidekickMagicod24 Hours
SleepCthulhu24 Hours
SnakeElectric Eel48 Hours
SpaceSpace Admiral24 Hours
SpeedSwordfish48 Hours
StrengthMantis Shrimp48 Hours
SuperheroOcean Defender6 Hours
SwordSwordfish48 Hours
The Chosen OneMagicod24 Hours
TimeFossil48 Hours
TridentPoseidon6 Hours
UndergroundKraken24 Hours
UnderwaterAnglerfish48 Hours
VehicleShark Rider48 Hours
VillainSea Witch48 Hours
VoidSpace Admiral24 Hours
WarSpace Admiral24 Hours
WaterSharkstorm48 Hours
Water SerpentNaga Queen24 Hours
WeaponSwordfish48 Hours
WindSharkstorm48 Hours
WingsStingray24 Hours
Wizarding SchoolTransmutation24 Hours