Prize Card

Food can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 5 5
2 8 8
3 11 11
4 14 14
5 17 17


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
AfflictionCursed Apple24 Hours
All Hallows' EveVamp Crunch48 Hours
AngelAngel Food Cake24 Hours
AngerHangry48 Hours
ApocalypseWorld Eater24 Hours
ArcadeChomp Dude24 Hours
AshPixie Sugar24 Hours
BatVamp Crunch48 Hours
BearGummy Bear48 Hours
BeautyButterfly24 Hours
BirdTurkey24 Hours
BlobPB & Jelly Time48 Hours
BloodBloody Mary48 Hours
BoneSugar Skull24 Hours
CamouflageCursed Apple24 Hours
CartoonFood Squad48 Hours
CatPastry Cat48 Hours
ChinchillaGremlin24 Hours
CursedCursed Apple24 Hours
DeathVulture1 Hour
DemonSugar Demon48 Hours
DestructionFluff Puff48 Hours
DogHot Dog24 Hours
DragonFire Candy48 Hours
EarthCandy Nation48 Hours
ElfElf Baker48 Hours
EnergyBlue Bull48 Hours
ExtraterrestrialPastry Cat48 Hours
FairyPixie Sugar24 Hours
Fairy TaleCursed Apple24 Hours
FireHot Pepper48 Hours
FishBlowfish24 Hours
Galaxy WarsBlue Fizz Refresher24 Hours
GiantFluff Puff48 Hours
GolemFluff Puff48 Hours
HammerFruit Cake24 Hours
HealingLuckymon24 Hours
HolidaysFruit Cake24 Hours
Holy WaterAngel Food Cake24 Hours
HornCookie Beast48 Hours
HorsePinata48 Hours
HumanFarmer24 Hours
HybridHangry Meal48 Hours
IceSno-Cone24 Hours
ImmortalityHesperide's Tree24 Hours
InsectButterfly24 Hours
InventionSoy Yum Green24 Hours
KnightGingerbread Warrior24 Hours
KnowledgeCursed Apple24 Hours
LeaderHealthy Hero24 Hours
LifePunchy48 Hours
LoveCandy Hearts24 Hours
MadnessConfectioner Will24 Hours
MagicPastry Cat48 Hours
Martial ArtsHungry Panda Hero48 Hours
MedievalFarmer24 Hours
Mind ControlSugar Demon48 Hours
MiniatureFlapjack Octopus48 Hours
MonsterCookie Beast48 Hours
MoonLunar Pie24 Hours
MultiplesHarvest48 Hours
MusicSinging Raisins24 Hours
MutationCandy Princess24 Hours
MythHesperide's Tree24 Hours
ParasiteMoocher48 Hours
PlantFarmer24 Hours
PoisonCursed Apple24 Hours
Precious Ring LoreElven Power Elixir24 Hours
RadiationFluff Puff48 Hours
RainbowRainbow Candy24 Hours
RelicSugar Skull24 Hours
ReptileCursed Apple24 Hours
RobotRobot Turkey24 Hours
RodentRat Chef24 Hours
RoyaltyCandy Princess24 Hours
Royal GameFarmer24 Hours
ScienceKiller Vegetables24 Hours
Sci-FiSoy Yum Green24 Hours
SidekickMusical Workers24 Hours
SleepTurkey24 Hours
SnakeGummy Worm24 Hours
SpacePastry Cat48 Hours
SpeedFast Food24 Hours
SpiritFluff Puff48 Hours
StrengthHealthy Hero24 Hours
SunSunflower24 Hours
SuperheroHealthy Hero24 Hours
SweetsFruit Cake24 Hours
SwordCarver of Doom48 Hours
The Chosen OneLuckymon24 Hours
TimePB & Jelly Time48 Hours
ToyEZ Cake Oven48 Hours
TreeCursed Apple24 Hours
TridentSpork of Doom48 Hours
Turkey DayHarvest48 Hours
UndeadHuman6 Hours
UnderwaterFood Chain24 Hours
VampireVamp Crunch48 Hours
VehicleBurgermobile48 Hours
VillainBurgerlar48 Hours
VoidHangry48 Hours
WarGingerbread Warrior24 Hours
WaterPunchy48 Hours
Water SerpentGummy Worm24 Hours
WealthHesperide's Tree24 Hours
WeaponFruit Cake24 Hours
WingsBlue Bull48 Hours
WizardCandy Witch24 Hours
Wizarding SchoolChocolate Lizards48 Hours