Prize Card

Hammer can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 4 1
2 5 2
3 6 3
4 7 4
5 8 5

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Card Result Research
AfflictionCavities48 Hours
ApocalypseWMD48 Hours
ArcadeBroham48 Hours
BoneBone Golem48 Hours
CartoonHammer Time48 Hours
CatHammertron48 Hours
DestructionUnstoppable Force48 Hours
EarthMiner24 Hours
EnergyThor's Hammer24 Hours
Fairy TalePinocchio24 Hours
FireBlacksmith24 Hours
FishHammerhead Shark48 Hours
FoodFruit Cake24 Hours
GiantSkull Smasher48 Hours
HealingPaladin24 Hours
HolidaysFruit Cake24 Hours
Holy WaterPaladin24 Hours
HornRam Hammer48 Hours
HumanBlacksmith24 Hours
HybridHammer Sword48 Hours
ImmortalityGod Hammer48 Hours
InventionHephaestus24 Hours
KnightPaladin24 Hours
LeaderThor24 Hours
LifePaladin24 Hours
MadnessJester Sidekick48 Hours
MagicThor's Hammer24 Hours
MedievalPaladin24 Hours
MetalSledge Hammer6 Hours
MiniatureCavities48 Hours
MonkeyCymbal Monkey48 Hours
MultiplesBroham48 Hours
MusicHammer Time48 Hours
MutationMutant Man24 Hours
MythHephaestus24 Hours
Precious Ring LoreDwarf6 Hours
PrehistoricClub6 Hours
RelicThor's Hammer24 Hours
ReptileBroham48 Hours
RobotHammertron48 Hours
RodentCat and Mouse24 Hours
RoyaltyThor24 Hours
Royal GameFat King48 Hours
ScienceBlacksmith24 Hours
Sci-FiUnstoppable Force48 Hours
SidekickJester Sidekick48 Hours
SpeedThor's Hammer24 Hours
StrengthUnstoppable Force48 Hours
SuperheroThor24 Hours
SweetsCavities48 Hours
SwordMorning Star6 Hours
The Chosen OneThor24 Hours
TimeHammer Time48 Hours
TurtleBroham48 Hours
UndergroundDwarf6 Hours
UnderwaterHammerhead Shark48 Hours
WarBlacksmith24 Hours
WeaponUnstoppable Force48 Hours
Wizarding SchoolMagical Soccer48 Hours