Prize Card

Horn can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 5 4
2 8 7
3 11 10
4 14 13
5 17 16


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
All Hallows' EvePumpkin Prince48 Hours
AngelGabriel's Horn24 Hours
AngerMalevolent48 Hours
ArcadeHorn of Life24 Hours
BatVampiric Gargoyle24 Hours
BearYeti24 Hours
BeautyAlicorn48 Hours
BirdStymphalian Bird48 Hours
BlobSnoring Monster48 Hours
BoneHorn Dagger24 Hours
CamouflageRock Dragon48 Hours
CartoonSpeed Demon48 Hours
ChinchillaChinchillalope24 Hours
CursedDemon Hero48 Hours
DeathHades48 Hours
DemonRavenica24 Hours
DesertCactus Demon48 Hours
DestructionColossal Demon48 Hours
DogWolf Warrior48 Hours
DragonPlague Dragon48 Hours
EarthRock Dragon48 Hours
ElfDemonic Elf48 Hours
EnergyEnergy Generator24 Hours
ExtraterrestrialAlien Band24 Hours
FairyVoid Fiend6 Hours
Fairy TaleMonster & Beauty24 Hours
FireFireblood Dragon48 Hours
FishMutated Fish24 Hours
FoodCookie Beast48 Hours
Galaxy WarsTawn Tawn24 Hours
GiantThe Good Giant24 Hours
GolemVampiric Gargoyle24 Hours
HammerRam Hammer48 Hours
HealingHorn of Life24 Hours
HolidaysRudolph48 Hours
HorseUnicorn24 Hours
HumanHorn of Man48 Hours
HybridRhinocerous Beetle24 Hours
ImmortalityEternal Dragon24 Hours
InventionBelphegor48 Hours
KnightHorn of Man48 Hours
KnowledgeGabriel's Horn24 Hours
LifeHorn of Life24 Hours
MadnessSugar Demon48 Hours
MagicHorned Serpent48 Hours
MedievalRam Hammer48 Hours
MetalBionic Unicorn48 Hours
Mind ControlHorned Serpent48 Hours
MiniatureRhinocerous Beetle24 Hours
MonsterBahamut48 Hours
MoonGalactic Wizard48 Hours
MultiplesHydra24 Hours
MusicPan48 Hours
MutationMutated Rhino48 Hours
MythCyclops48 Hours
PlantPlant Dragon48 Hours
Pocket PetSnoring Monster48 Hours
PoisonPoison Dragon24 Hours
Precious Ring LoreHorn of Man48 Hours
PrehistoricTriceratops24 Hours
RainbowUnicorn24 Hours
ReptileAmphisbaena48 Hours
RodentPied Piper48 Hours
RoyaltyDragon Princess48 Hours
Sci-FiTawn Tawn24 Hours
ScienceGabriel's Horn24 Hours
SleepTranquilizer Dart24 Hours
SnakeSnake Charmer24 Hours
SpaceGalactic Wizard48 Hours
SpeedCeryneian Hind48 Hours
SpiritSpectral Dragon48 Hours
SunGalactic Wizard48 Hours
SuperheroDemonite24 Hours
SweetsFire Candy48 Hours
SwordHorn Dagger24 Hours
TimeAncient Dragon48 Hours
TreePlant Dragon48 Hours
TridentTriceratops24 Hours
Turkey DayHarvest48 Hours
TurtleDragon Turtle48 Hours
UndeadSkeleton Overlord48 Hours
UndergroundIfrit48 Hours
UnderwaterNarwhal48 Hours
VampireVampiric Gargoyle24 Hours
VehicleDragon Rider24 Hours
VillainCommander of Sin24 Hours
VoidVoid Beast24 Hours
WarRam Hammer48 Hours
WaterNarwhal48 Hours
Water SerpentNarwhal48 Hours
WealthSmug48 Hours
WerewolfWolf Warrior48 Hours
WindEnergy Generator24 Hours
WingsRock Dragon48 Hours
WizardGalactic Wizard48 Hours
Wizarding SchoolHorned Serpent48 Hours
WolfWolf Warrior48 Hours