Prize Card

Human can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 3 2
2 5 4
3 7 6
4 9 8
5 11 10

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Card 1 Card 2
AshHoly Water

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Card Result Research
AfflictionInner Demons24 Hours
All Hallows' EveTrick or Treater48 Hours
AngelGuardian Angel24 Hours
AngerAngry Mob24 Hours
ApocalypseApocalypse Doctrine48 Hours
ArcadeRaging Gamer48 Hours
AshWar God24 Hours
BatVampire1 Hour
BearAdventure Kid48 Hours
BeautyAttractive Brain48 Hours
BirdDark Swan48 Hours
BlobGummy Duo24 Hours
BloodBlood Bros48 Hours
CamouflageInvisible Dude24 Hours
CartoonAdventure Kid48 Hours
CatCrazy Cat Person24 Hours
CursedVoodoo Doll24 Hours
DeathGhost1 Hour
DemonInner Demons24 Hours
DesertSand Warrior48 Hours
DestructionWar God24 Hours
DogAnubis48 Hours
DragonAsh1 Hour
EarthDwarf6 Hours
EnergyHuman Battery48 Hours
ExtraterrestrialAlien Human Hybrid24 Hours
FairyElf1 Hour
Fairy TalePrincess24 Hours
FireAsh1 Hour
FishMermaid6 Hours
FoodFarmer24 Hours
Galaxy WarsRebel Space Princess48 Hours
GiantDoomed Giant48 Hours
HammerBlacksmith24 Hours
HealingDoctor24 Hours
Holy WaterCleric24 Hours
HornHorn of Man48 Hours
HorseCentaur1 Hour
HumanHuman6 Hours
HybridAlien Human Hybrid24 Hours
IceSnowman48 Hours
ImmortalityMumbling Kid24 Hours
InsectGrasshopper48 Hours
InventionThomas Edison24 Hours
KnowledgeScholar6 Hours
LeaderKing24 Hours
LifeImmortal48 Hours
LoveHuman6 Hours
MadnessCrazy Cat Person24 Hours
MagicWizard6 Hours
Martial ArtsGrasshopper48 Hours
MedievalKing24 Hours
MetalKnight6 Hours
Mind ControlHuman Battery48 Hours
MiniatureMini Clone48 Hours
MonkeyBig Foot24 Hours
MonsterDr. Jekyll24 Hours
MoonAstronaut24 Hours
MultiplesAngry Mob24 Hours
MusicBard24 Hours
MutationSuperhero6 Hours
MythBig Foot24 Hours
ParasiteHuman Battery48 Hours
PlantMandrake48 Hours
Pocket PetMonster Collector48 Hours
PoisonAssassin24 Hours
Precious Ring LoreThe Ranger48 Hours
PrehistoricCaveman6 Hours
PsychicBloody Prom Queen48 Hours
RadiationSuperhero6 Hours
RainbowClown6 Hours
RelicUbaid Lizardman24 Hours
ReptileDragonkin48 Hours
RobotCyborg48 Hours
RodentPied Piper48 Hours
RoyaltyKing24 Hours
Royal GameDragon Mother48 Hours
ScienceCyborg48 Hours
Sci-FiInvisible Dude24 Hours
SidekickWatson24 Hours
SleepSleepwalker24 Hours
SnakeMedusa6 Hours
SpaceAstronaut24 Hours
SpeedThe Dash48 Hours
SpiritGhost1 Hour
StrengthBarbarian48 Hours
SunSun Burn24 Hours
SuperheroSuper Bat24 Hours
SweetsConfectioner Will24 Hours
SwordKnight6 Hours
The Chosen OneMonster Collector48 Hours
TimeDeath1 Hour
ToyDoll48 Hours
TreeVampire Hunter6 Hours
TridentFarmer24 Hours
Turkey DayPilgrim48 Hours
TurtleKappa48 Hours
UndeadUndead1 Hour
UndergroundMiner24 Hours
UnderwaterMermaid6 Hours
VampireVampire1 Hour
VehicleCar1 Hour
WarKnight6 Hours
WaterMermaid6 Hours
WealthKing Midas24 Hours
WeaponBarbarian48 Hours
WerewolfWerewolf1 Hour
WindPoison Cloud24 Hours
WingsAngel1 Hour
Wizarding SchoolNerdy Wizard48 Hours
WolfWerewolf1 Hour