Prize Card

Ice can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 4 3
2 7 6
3 10 9
4 13 12
5 16 15

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Card Result Research
All Hallows' EvePumpkin Prince48 Hours
AngelSnow Angel24 Hours
AngerCold Hearted24 Hours
ArcadeAbsolute Zero24 Hours
AshPenguin24 Hours
BatIce Imp24 Hours
BearPolar Bear24 Hours
BeautyFair Princess48 Hours
BirdPenguin24 Hours
CamouflageFrost Wolf48 Hours
CartoonBubbles48 Hours
CatSabertooth Cat48 Hours
DemonIce Imp24 Hours
DestructionAvalanche24 Hours
DogSiberian Husky24 Hours
DragonFrost Dragon48 Hours
EarthAvalanche24 Hours
ElfSanta's Helper48 Hours
FireWater1 Hour
FoodSno-Cone24 Hours
GolemIce Golem6 Hours
HolidaysSnowflake24 Hours
Holy WaterIce Lotus24 Hours
HorseRudolph48 Hours
HumanSnowman48 Hours
IceAvalanche24 Hours
KnightBlue Knight6 Hours
KnowledgeFrost Mage48 Hours
LeaderIce King48 Hours
LifeSnowman48 Hours
LoveCold Hearted24 Hours
MagicFrost Mage48 Hours
Martial ArtsAbsolute Zero24 Hours
MonsterYeti24 Hours
MythYeti24 Hours
PlantIce Lotus24 Hours
PrehistoricIce Age48 Hours
RainbowSno-Cone24 Hours
ReptileBubbles48 Hours
Sci-FiIce Carrier48 Hours
SleepHibernation24 Hours
SpeedAvalanche24 Hours
StrengthYeti24 Hours
SunWater1 Hour
SuperheroIce Dude48 Hours
SweetsSno-Cone24 Hours
The Chosen OneWatermaster Cora48 Hours
TimeIce Age48 Hours
TreeChristmas Tree48 Hours
TurtleBubbles48 Hours
UndergroundHibernation24 Hours
VehicleIce Carrier48 Hours
VillainIce King48 Hours
WarWinter Assassin24 Hours
WaterIce24 Hours
WerewolfFrost Wolf48 Hours
WindSnowflake24 Hours
WingsPenguin24 Hours
WizardFrost Mage48 Hours
WolfFrost Wolf48 Hours


  • This is a reference to the song Ice, Ice, Baby by Vanilla Ice.