Illegal Time Alchemy is an anti-cheating device designed to block players from adjusting the device's clock to gain rewards. When the clock is adjusted, the player is given the message:

Illegal Time Alchemy Detected || Changing the clock will cause your game to reset.

It will then give you the option to hit okay. Nothing else can be done to remove the message.

Side EffectsEdit

When you hit okay, a number of things can, and will, happen. They are listed below.

Effect Description
Research Timers In the research area, any ongoing research will be restarted.
Arena Opponents There is a risk that your account may become flagged by the game if you repeatedly perfrom Illegal Time Alchemy. This will cause any opponents you face in the Arena to be of an extremely high level. If this happens, you can try appealing to Chinzilla for help with unflagging your account, however they are unlikely to do this more than once per account.
Energy On a lighter note, if you set your clock back, hit okay, then fixed it, hit okay, depending on how far back the clock was initially changed the energy meter in Adventure may have risen.

Other problems may include Arena Summoning Runes needing 85 days to charge, and the same goes for energy. Leave a comment with your issue, and we will try to get back within the next few days.

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