Prize Card

Knowledge can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 4 3
2 6 5
3 8 7
4 10 9
5 12 11


This card cannot be created.

Combos (92) Show/Hide

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Card Result Research
AngelAngel of Wisdom24 Hours
AngerInsidious Emperor24 Hours
ArcadeMama Brain24 Hours
AshMagic6 Hours
BatShapeshifter24 Hours
BearBear Magus24 Hours
BeautyAttractive Brain48 Hours
BirdWise Owl48 Hours
BlobMind Slug48 Hours
CamouflageSecret Passage24 Hours
CartoonRex's Lab24 Hours
CatMeowmon48 Hours
ChinchillaWiz's Apprentice6 Hours
DeathNecromancer24 Hours
DemonDevil24 Hours
DesertGeomancer24 Hours
DestructionBook Burner24 Hours
DogProfessor Beagle24 Hours
DragonDevil24 Hours
EarthGeomancer24 Hours
ElfElf Wizard24 Hours
EnergyAI48 Hours
FairyMuse6 Hours
FirePyromancer24 Hours
FishSpace Admiral24 Hours
FoodCursed Apple24 Hours
GolemArcane Golem24 Hours
HealingHealthbot Hero24 Hours
HolidaysSanta Claus48 Hours
Holy WaterCleric24 Hours
HorseMr. Ted6 Hours
HumanScholar6 Hours
IceFrost Mage48 Hours
InsectBookworm24 Hours
KnightKing24 Hours
LeaderProfessor Y24 Hours
LifeHuman6 Hours
LoveAphrodite48 Hours
MagicWizard6 Hours
Martial ArtsKung Fu Master24 Hours
MedievalScholar6 Hours
MetalBlacksmith24 Hours
MonkeyMomo X24 Hours
MoonAstronaut24 Hours
MusicMuse6 Hours
MythPhilosopher's Stone24 Hours
ParasiteMind Slug48 Hours
PlantPoison Oak48 Hours
PoisonWitch Doctor24 Hours
PrehistoricFire1 Hour
RadiationBomb1 Hour
RainbowLearning Rainbow24 Hours
ReptileThe Snake Lord24 Hours
RobotAI48 Hours
RodentGenius and Insane24 Hours
RoyaltyKing24 Hours
ScienceEinstein48 Hours
Sci-FiAI48 Hours
SleepMister Sandman24 Hours
SnakeThe Snake Lord24 Hours
SpaceDr. What48 Hours
SpiritGhost Trapper48 Hours
StrengthBattle Mage6 Hours
SuperheroProfessor Y24 Hours
SweetsConfectioner Will24 Hours
SwordUSB of 999 Truths24 Hours
The Chosen OneImmortal One24 Hours
TimeDr. What48 Hours
ToyChemistry Set48 Hours
TreeCursed Apple24 Hours
TridentFarmer24 Hours
TurtleKung Fu Master24 Hours
UndeadNecromancer24 Hours
UndergroundHades48 Hours
VampireDracula24 Hours
VehicleAuto Champion24 Hours
VillainMama Brain24 Hours
VoidVoid Shaman24 Hours
WarAres24 Hours
WaterHydromancer24 Hours
WealthKing24 Hours
WeaponMind Control Device48 Hours
WindAeromancer48 Hours
WingsAngel of Wisdom24 Hours
WizardArch Mage24 Hours
WolfShapeshifter24 Hours

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