The game's story starts out in Little Town, after a jar of Evil Alchemists is destroyed, releasing them into the world. Once Little Town is completed, a new area unlocks: Little Isles. The premise of Little Isles is that the Master Alchemist's evil twin brother, the Dark Alchemist has devised a plan to take over the world. Using your new pirate friend, you will sail from island to island to eventually reach the Cloud Kingdom. Each of the locations in Little Isles provide opponents for the player to battle against and gain coins, cards, gems, and experience from. In addition, if you complete Gold mastery for any opponent in this area you earn their standard Avatar, and if you complete Gold mastery for all opponents in Little Isles, you will earn the Master Alchemist card and another avatar. If you complete Onyx mastery of any opponent, you will earn that opponent's gold avatar, and another special avatar for all opponents.

Difficulty Info

Changed in the Halloween patch, ALL Bosses in the Little Isles now have infinite Decks [with the exception of bronze,silver and gold]. This means you can no longer run them out of cards to defeat them, you have to reduce their health to 0 before yours does or you run out of cards.

The bosses on the first Isle, EnchantedCaverns, start at level 4 and follow the previous boss rules for Bronze difficulty and have +3/+3. Once you reach Silver difficulty their cards increase by +2/+2 per level instead of +1/+1 as before. This means that the enemy cards go from +3 (at level 4) to +8 (level 5) for EVERY card played at Silver or Gold. After Gold, the cards get +12/+12 AND every card played is Diamond quality.

The second Isle, The Coven, begins at level 5 with +4/+4 for Bronze and +8/+8 for Silver, but then skips to +12/+12 at Gold.

The third Isle, Elemental Isle, starts Bronze at +6/+6, then +12/+12 for Silver.

The fourth Isle, The Zoo, starts Bronze at +12/+12 with level 5 cards.



There are eight (8) standard locations within Little Isles. In addition, there is a Portal, which is used to access limited-time Events. Each location may be unlocked by completing at least one battle per opponent (see below) of the prior location. It is important to note that the Portal is automatically unlocked, and has no path to it.

Enchanted Caverns Enchanted Caverns The Coven The Coven
Elemental Island Elemental Island Zoo Zoo
Castle (Isles) Castle (Isles) Research Lab Research Lab
Alchem City Alchem City Cloud Kingdom Cloud Kingdom


In each standard location, there are four opponents, known as Bosses. Each one may be unlocked by defeating the boss prior to it, much like the unlocking of locations.

Enchanted Caverns Enchanted Caverns Zugzug Stewart Pebbles Nessa
The Coven The Coven Leon Bill Duncan Ivana
Elemental Island Elemental Island Flint Raina Terrance Ariel
Zoo Zoo Henry Avery Mr. Buttons Charles
Castle (Isles) Castle (Isles) Jasper Draco Luna Uther
Research Lab Research Lab Paige Quinn Bob Graham
Alchem City Alchem City Nadia Larry Dante Kate
Cloud Kingdom Cloud Kingdom Helene Conan King Dodo Dark Alchemist

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