The game's story starts out in Little Town, after a jar of Evil Alchemists is destroyed, releasing them into the world. Little Town is where the tutorial for battling occurs. Each of the locations in Little Town provide opponents for the player to battle against and gain coins, cards, gems, and experience from. In addition, if you complete Gold mastery for any opponent in this area you earn their standard Avatar, and if you complete Gold mastery for all opponents in Little Town, you will earn the Master's Apprentice card and another avatar. If you complete Onyx mastery of any opponent, you will earn that opponent's gold avatar, and another special avatar for all opponents.



There are eight (8) standard locations within Little Town. In addition, there is a Portal, which is used to access limited-time Events. Each location may be unlocked by completing at least one battle per opponent (see below) of the prior location. It is important to note as well that once the Church is complete, both the Forest and the Portal will unlock, starting the cycle of events.

Graveyard Graveyard Factory Factory
Castle (Town) Castle (Town) Church Church
Forest Forest Pet Store Pet Store
Comic Store Comic Store Docks Docks


In each standard location, there are four opponents, known as Bosses. Each one may be unlocked by defeating the boss prior to it, much like the unlocking of locations.

Graveyard Graveyard Chloe Vlad Harmony Peter
Factory Factory Jim Olive Toximo 3000 Dr. Robo
Castle (Town) Castle (Town) Theodore Gwen Otto King Kyle
Church Church Brian Spencer Sunny Bridget
Forest Forest Goblor Sandy Gus Gale
Pet Store Pet Store Ethyl Gladys Hubert Elmoira
Comic Store Comic Store Phil Janice Greg Milton
Docks Docks Slithers Flip Jem Clyde

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