Prize Card

Love can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 4 3
2 7 6
3 10 9
4 13 12
5 16 15


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
AfflictionGreen Eyed Monster48 Hours
AngelCupid48 Hours
AngerGreen Eyed Monster48 Hours
ApocalypseFamily Reunion24 Hours
AshFireworks24 Hours
BearStuffed Plushie24 Hours
BeautyAphrodite48 Hours
BirdDoves24 Hours
BloodBlood Bros48 Hours
CamouflageLove Potion48 Hours
CartoonMoon Heroine48 Hours
CatHey Cat24 Hours
ChinchillaCare Chilla6 Hours
CursedCold Hearted24 Hours
DeathBlack Widow48 Hours
DemonGreen Eyed Monster48 Hours
DestructionGreen Eyed Monster48 Hours
DogPuppy Love48 Hours
EarthDiamond Ring48 Hours
EnergyFireworks24 Hours
ExtraterrestrialHugging Alien48 Hours
Fairy TaleTrue Love's Kiss24 Hours
FireFireworks24 Hours
FoodCandy Hearts24 Hours
HolidaysSanta Claus48 Hours
HorseMy Mini Horse48 Hours
HumanHuman6 Hours
HybridMermaid Princess48 Hours
IceCold Hearted24 Hours
ImmortalityAphrodite48 Hours
InsectLove Bug24 Hours
InventionHug-o-Tron48 Hours
KnightPrince Charming24 Hours
KnowledgeAphrodite48 Hours
LeaderPrince Charming24 Hours
MadnessLove Potion48 Hours
MagicLove Potion48 Hours
MedievalPrince Charming24 Hours
MetalHug-o-Tron48 Hours
Mind ControlLove Potion48 Hours
MiniatureThumbelina24 Hours
MonsterGreen Eyed Monster48 Hours
MoonMoon Heroine48 Hours
MultiplesBlood Bros48 Hours
MythCupid48 Hours
ParasiteMoocher48 Hours
PlantMistletoe24 Hours
Pocket PetLuckymon24 Hours
PoisonGreen Eyed Monster48 Hours
Precious Ring LoreThe Ranger48 Hours
PrehistoricFriendly Dino24 Hours
PsychicFortune Teller48 Hours
RainbowRainbow Girl24 Hours
RelicElemental Stones48 Hours
RobotHug-o-Tron48 Hours
RodentCare Chilla6 Hours
RoyaltyPrince Charming24 Hours
Royal GameLady Revenant24 Hours
ScienceHug-o-Tron48 Hours
Sci-FiLove Potion48 Hours
SleepSleeping Princess24 Hours
SpaceHeavens48 Hours
SpeedLove Potion48 Hours
StrengthHug-o-Tron48 Hours
SunSparkling Vampire48 Hours
SuperheroCupid48 Hours
SweetsCandy Hearts24 Hours
The Chosen OneMoon Heroine48 Hours
TimeDiamond Ring48 Hours
ToyStuffed Plushie24 Hours
TreeCupid's Bow48 Hours
UndeadZombie Romeo24 Hours
UndergroundOrpheus48 Hours
VampireSparkling Vampire48 Hours
VillainGreen Eyed Monster48 Hours
VoidCold Hearted24 Hours
WarFlower Power24 Hours
WaterLove Potion48 Hours
WealthDiamond Ring48 Hours
WeaponCupid's Bow48 Hours
WerewolfMonster & Beauty24 Hours
WindCupid48 Hours
WingsCupid48 Hours
WizardCupid48 Hours
Wizarding SchoolLove Potion48 Hours