Prize Card

Monster can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 4 5
2 7 8
3 10 11
4 13 14
5 16 17


This card cannot be created.

Combos (83) Show/Hide

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Card Result Research
All Hallows' EveFrankenstein48 Hours
AngelCrying Angel48 Hours
AngerGrouchy Monster48 Hours
ArcadeTurtle King48 Hours
AshSandman48 Hours
BatVampire1 Hour
BeautyMonster & Beauty24 Hours
BirdCockatrice48 Hours
BlobSmog Horror48 Hours
CamouflageDino Hybrid48 Hours
CartoonSkeleton Overlord48 Hours
CatManticore48 Hours
ChinchillaChinzilla24 Hours
DeathWraith48 Hours
DestructionBahamut48 Hours
DogScylla48 Hours
DragonGorezilla24 Hours
EarthSwamp Monster48 Hours
ElfGoblin24 Hours
EnergyBlue Bull48 Hours
FairyImp6 Hours
FireIfrit48 Hours
FishLochness Monster6 Hours
GolemTroll48 Hours
HolidaysPinch48 Hours
HorseHeadless Rider6 Hours
HumanDr. Jekyll24 Hours
IceYeti24 Hours
InsectSpace Moth48 Hours
KnightJaeger48 Hours
LoveGreen Eyed Monster48 Hours
Martial ArtsStatic Beast48 Hours
MedievalVampire Knight48 Hours
MetalJaeger48 Hours
MonkeyKongar48 Hours
MoonBogeyman48 Hours
MusicSiren48 Hours
MythCyclops48 Hours
ParasiteXenomorph48 Hours
PlantSwamp Monster48 Hours
PrehistoricMegalodon24 Hours
RadiationGorezilla24 Hours
RainbowClown6 Hours
ReptileBasilisk48 Hours
RobotJaeger48 Hours
RodentChinzilla24 Hours
Sci-FiXenomorph48 Hours
ScienceFrankenstein48 Hours
SleepSnoring Monster48 Hours
SnakeMedusa6 Hours
SpaceXenomorph48 Hours
SpeedWraith48 Hours
SpiritWraith48 Hours
StrengthTroll48 Hours
SuperheroDemonite24 Hours
SweetsCookie Beast48 Hours
SwordMonster Slayer48 Hours
The Chosen OneMonster Collector48 Hours
TreeKiller Plant1 Hour
Turkey DayTurkeyzilla48 Hours
TurtlePrimeval Turtle48 Hours
UndeadMummy24 Hours
UndergroundTarrasque48 Hours
VehicleMonster Truck24 Hours
VoidVoid Horror24 Hours
WarCommander of Sin24 Hours
WaterYeti24 Hours
Water SerpentLochness Monster6 Hours
WealthGreed48 Hours
WeaponMonster Slayer48 Hours
WingsZiz48 Hours
WolfWerewolf1 Hour

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