Prize Card

Moon can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 4 5
2 7 8
3 10 11
4 13 14
5 16 17

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Card Result Research
AfflictionWerewolf1 Hour
All Hallows' EveHeadless Rider6 Hours
AngelMoon Goddess24 Hours
AngerBlood Moon48 Hours
ApocalypseDoomsday Omen24 Hours
ArcadeAlien Intruders24 Hours
BatVampire1 Hour
BearWerebear48 Hours
BeautyMoon Goddess24 Hours
BirdWerechicken24 Hours
BlobMoon Jellyfish24 Hours
BloodBlood Moon48 Hours
BoneBone Chin48 Hours
CamouflageDeath Ray48 Hours
CartoonMoon Heroine48 Hours
CatBlack Cat24 Hours
ChinchillaNinchilla24 Hours
CursedWerewolf1 Hour
DemonBogeyman48 Hours
DestructionMoonflare48 Hours
DogNight Children24 Hours
DragonNight Dragon24 Hours
EarthMoon Golem48 Hours
ElfDark Elf48 Hours
EnergyMoonflare48 Hours
ExtraterrestrialMoon Golem48 Hours
FairyTooth Fairy24 Hours
FireMoonflare48 Hours
FishMoon Jellyfish24 Hours
FoodLunar Pie24 Hours
Galaxy WarsDeath Ray48 Hours
GolemMoon Golem48 Hours
HealingMoon Heroine48 Hours
HornGalactic Wizard48 Hours
HorseNightmare24 Hours
HumanAstronaut24 Hours
HybridBlood Moon48 Hours
ImmortalityMoon Goddess24 Hours
InsectMoon Buggy24 Hours
KnightSuper Bat24 Hours
KnowledgeAstronaut24 Hours
LeaderMoon Heroine48 Hours
LifeMoon Golem48 Hours
LoveMoon Heroine48 Hours
MadnessBlood Moon48 Hours
MagicLunar Priest48 Hours
MetalMoon Buggy24 Hours
Mind ControlWerewolf1 Hour
MiniatureWhite Dwarf48 Hours
MonkeyGreat Wereape48 Hours
MonsterBogeyman48 Hours
MultiplesMoon Jellyfish24 Hours
MusicNight Children24 Hours
MythMoon Goddess24 Hours
ParasiteBed Bug48 Hours
PlantNightshade6 Hours
Pocket PetBone Chin48 Hours
PoisonNightshade6 Hours
Precious Ring LoreCelestial Trees48 Hours
PsychicLunara48 Hours
RadiationMoonflare48 Hours
RelicCelestial Trees48 Hours
RobotMoon Buggy24 Hours
RodentNinchilla24 Hours
RoyaltyMoon Heroine48 Hours
Royal GameIce Zombie King48 Hours
ScienceMoon Buggy24 Hours
SidekickMeteor6 Hours
SpiritBogeyman48 Hours
StrengthGreat Wereape48 Hours
SunBlood Moon48 Hours
SuperheroMoon Heroine48 Hours
SweetsLunar Pie24 Hours
SwordSpace Guardian48 Hours
The Chosen OneMoon Heroine48 Hours
ToySpace Shoes24 Hours
TreeSpooky Tree48 Hours
UndeadSpace Zombie24 Hours
UndergroundMoon Golem48 Hours
UnderwaterMoon Jellyfish24 Hours
VehicleMoon Buggy24 Hours
VillainBogeyman48 Hours
WaterHigh Tide48 Hours
WeaponMoonflare48 Hours
WerewolfNight Children24 Hours
WingsNight Dragon24 Hours
WizardLunar Priest48 Hours
Wizarding SchoolProfessor Werewolf48 Hours
WolfWerewolf1 Hour