Prize Card

Plant can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 2 7
2 5 10
3 8 13
4 11 16
5 14 19


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
AfflictionZombie Fungus48 Hours
All Hallows' EveSinister Gourdling48 Hours
AngerKiller Vegetables24 Hours
ApocalypseWind Princess48 Hours
ArcadeSunflower24 Hours
BearPet Plant48 Hours
BeautyPlant Fatale48 Hours
BloodKiller Vegetables24 Hours
CamouflagePlant Clones48 Hours
CartoonKiller Vegetables24 Hours
CatPet Plant48 Hours
ChinchillaPet Plant48 Hours
CursedCursed Garden48 Hours
DeathZombie Fungus48 Hours
DemonSinister Gourdling48 Hours
DesertCactus Demon48 Hours
DestructionCursed Apple24 Hours
DogPet Plant48 Hours
DragonPlant Dragon48 Hours
EarthMandrake48 Hours
ElfForest Elf48 Hours
ExtraterrestrialPlant Clones48 Hours
FairyDryad24 Hours
Fairy TaleJack and Beanstalk48 Hours
FireHot Pepper48 Hours
FishSeahorse1 Hour
FoodFarmer24 Hours
GiantFungal Growth24 Hours
GolemWooden Golem6 Hours
HealingLife Shroom24 Hours
HolidaysChristmas Tree48 Hours
Holy WaterIce Lotus24 Hours
HornPlant Dragon48 Hours
HumanMandrake48 Hours
HybridPlant Dragon48 Hours
IceIce Lotus24 Hours
ImmortalityHesperide's Tree24 Hours
InsectLeaf Insect24 Hours
InventionKiller Vegetables24 Hours
KnightPlant Fatale48 Hours
KnowledgePoison Oak48 Hours
LeaderPoison Oak48 Hours
LifeTreant6 Hours
LoveMistletoe24 Hours
MadnessZombie Fungus48 Hours
MagicDruid24 Hours
Mind ControlPoison Oak48 Hours
MiniatureThumbelina24 Hours
MonkeyPet Plant48 Hours
MonsterSwamp Monster48 Hours
MoonNightshade6 Hours
MultiplesPlant Clones48 Hours
MusicSinging Raisins24 Hours
MutationPoison Oak48 Hours
MythHesperide's Tree24 Hours
ParasitePlant Clones48 Hours
Pocket PetPlantasaur48 Hours
PoisonNightshade6 Hours
Precious Ring LoreThe Brown Druid48 Hours
PsychicKoo Koo Nuts48 Hours
RadiationKiller Vegetables24 Hours
RelicSpooky Tree48 Hours
ReptilePlant Dragon48 Hours
Royal GameForestfolk24 Hours
ScienceKiller Vegetables24 Hours
Sci-FiPlant Clones48 Hours
SidekickAli-Ent48 Hours
SleepCursed Apple24 Hours
SnakeCursed Apple24 Hours
SpacePlant Clones48 Hours
SpiritSpooky Tree48 Hours
StrengthSwamp Monster48 Hours
SunSunflower24 Hours
SuperheroSwamp Monster48 Hours
SwordPlant Fatale48 Hours
TimeThe World Tree6 Hours
ToyDress Up Spud24 Hours
TreeThe World Tree6 Hours
Turkey DayHarvest48 Hours
TurtleWorld Turtle48 Hours
UndeadZombie Fungus48 Hours
UndergroundPersephone48 Hours
UnderwaterCursed Garden48 Hours
VampireNosferatu Duck24 Hours
VehiclePumpkin Carriage24 Hours
VillainPoison Oak48 Hours
VoidNightshade6 Hours
WarFlower Power24 Hours
WaterIce Lotus24 Hours
Water SerpentPlant Dragon48 Hours
WealthHesperide's Tree24 Hours
WeaponPlant Fatale48 Hours
WingsPlant Dragon48 Hours
WizardDruid24 Hours
Wizarding SchoolMandrake48 Hours