Prize Card

Poison can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 3 0
2 4 1
3 5 2
4 6 3
5 7 4

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Card 1 Card 2
Holy WaterVoid

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Card Result Research
AfflictionRadiation Sickness24 Hours
All Hallows' EveWitch's Brew48 Hours
AngerWasp6 Hours
ApocalypsePoison Cloud24 Hours
ArcadeSpecter48 Hours
BeautyPoison Oak48 Hours
BirdStymphalian Bird48 Hours
BlobSmog Horror48 Hours
BloodElectric Eel48 Hours
BonePoison Cloud24 Hours
CamouflageOctopus48 Hours
CartoonRadioactive Avenger24 Hours
CatManticore48 Hours
CursedCursed Apple24 Hours
DemonSerpent Cultist24 Hours
DesertRattlesnake24 Hours
DestructionPoison Cloud24 Hours
DragonPoison Dragon24 Hours
EnergyRadiation1 Hour
ExtraterrestrialThe Ooze24 Hours
Fairy TaleCursed Apple24 Hours
FishBlowfish24 Hours
FoodCursed Apple24 Hours
GiantFungal Growth24 Hours
GolemThe Ooze24 Hours
HealingWitch Doctor24 Hours
HolidaysFruit Cake24 Hours
Holy WaterWater1 Hour
HornPoison Dragon24 Hours
HumanAssassin24 Hours
HybridPlant Fatale48 Hours
ImmortalitySpecter48 Hours
InsectWasp6 Hours
InventionClown Toxin48 Hours
KnightGreen Knight6 Hours
KnowledgeWitch Doctor24 Hours
LifeVirus48 Hours
LoveGreen Eyed Monster48 Hours
MadnessClown Toxin48 Hours
MagicWitch Doctor24 Hours
Martial ArtsReptilian Ninja24 Hours
MedievalBasilisk48 Hours
MetalPoison Dagger24 Hours
Mind ControlEntropic Magic48 Hours
MiniatureVirus48 Hours
MonsterSmog Horror48 Hours
MoonNightshade6 Hours
MultiplesBlack Widow48 Hours
MutationRadioactive Avenger24 Hours
MythArachne48 Hours
ParasiteWasp6 Hours
PlantNightshade6 Hours
Pocket PetCobramon48 Hours
Precious Ring LoreWraith Dagger24 Hours
PsychicDelusional Psychic48 Hours
RadiationRadiation Sickness24 Hours
RelicSilver Bullet24 Hours
ReptileBasilisk48 Hours
RobotRobo Ninja24 Hours
RodentPoisonous Porcupine48 Hours
RoyaltyEvil Queen24 Hours
Royal GameDragon Fire48 Hours
Sci-FiThe Ooze24 Hours
SidekickSpecter48 Hours
SleepTranquilizer Dart48 Hours
SnakeCobra1 Hour
SpaceThe Ooze24 Hours
SpeedBlack Mamba24 Hours
SpiritSpecter48 Hours
StrengthNightshade6 Hours
SunRadiation1 Hour
SuperheroRadioactive Avenger24 Hours
SweetsSugar Demon48 Hours
SwordPoison Dagger24 Hours
The Chosen OneSpecter48 Hours
TimeDeath1 Hour
TreeKiller Plant1 Hour
UndergroundBomb Shelter48 Hours
UnderwaterBlowfish24 Hours
VampireHoly Water1 Hour
VillainPoison Oak48 Hours
VoidNightshade6 Hours
WarGas Mask Soldier48 Hours
WaterBlowfish24 Hours
WealthGreed48 Hours
WeaponPoison Dagger24 Hours
WindRadiation1 Hour
WingsWasp6 Hours
WizardWitch Doctor24 Hours
Wizarding SchoolBasilisk48 Hours