Prize Card

Precious Ring Lore can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 5 4
2 8 7
3 11 10
4 14 13
5 17 16


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
All Hallows' EveWraith48 Hours
AngelArch Mage24 Hours
AshWraith Dagger24 Hours
BearShapeshifting Chief48 Hours
BeautyElf King24 Hours
BirdEagle Rider48 Hours
ChinchillaForest Chinchillas48 Hours
CursedPrecious Ring24 Hours
DeathWraith48 Hours
DemonFiery Shadow Demon48 Hours
DestructionRing Lord48 Hours
DogShapeshifting Chief48 Hours
DragonSmug48 Hours
EarthThe Brown Druid48 Hours
ElfElf King24 Hours
EnergyElven Power Elixir24 Hours
FairyElf1 Hour
FireFiery Shadow Demon48 Hours
FoodElven Power Elixir24 Hours
GiantTreant6 Hours
GolemPrecious Ring Bearer24 Hours
HammerDwarf6 Hours
HealingVial of Stars24 Hours
Holy WaterVial of Stars24 Hours
HorseLord of Horses48 Hours
HumanThe Ranger48 Hours
ImmortalityElf King24 Hours
InventionPrecious Ring24 Hours
KnightThe Ranger48 Hours
KnowledgeTreacherous Wizard48 Hours
LifeElven Power Elixir24 Hours
LoveThe Ranger48 Hours
MadnessPrecious Ring Bearer24 Hours
MagicTreacherous Wizard48 Hours
MedievalThe Ranger48 Hours
MetalShattered Sword24 Hours
Mind ControlPrecious Ring24 Hours
MonsterTentacled Beast24 Hours
MoonCelestial Trees48 Hours
MultiplesWraith48 Hours
MusicWar Drummer48 Hours
MutationGoblin Hybrid24 Hours
MythPrecious Ring24 Hours
PlantThe Brown Druid48 Hours
PoisonWraith Dagger24 Hours
PrehistoricCelestial Trees48 Hours
ReptileSmug48 Hours
RodentForest Chinchillas48 Hours
RoyaltyThe Ranger48 Hours
ScienceGoblin Hybrid24 Hours
SidekickLord of Horses48 Hours
SnakeRing Lord48 Hours
SpaceVial of Stars24 Hours
SpiritGhost Army48 Hours
SunCelestial Trees48 Hours
SuperheroArch Mage24 Hours
SwordShattered Sword24 Hours
TreeCelestial Trees48 Hours
UndeadGhost Army48 Hours
UnderwaterTentacled Beast24 Hours
VampireRing Lord45 Hours
VehicleForest Chinchillas48 Hours
VillainRing Lord48 Hours
VoidFiery Shadow Demon48 Hours
WarGoblin Hybrid24 Hours
WaterVial of Stars24 Hours
Water SerpentTentacled Beast24 Hours
WealthSmug48 Hours
WerewolfRing Lord48 Hours
WindLord of Horses48 Hours
WindEagle Rider48 Hours
WizardTreacherous Wizard48 Hours
WolfWolf Battering Ram24 Hours


  • Reference to the Lord of The Ring franchise.