Prize Card

Prehistoric can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 5 2
2 7 4
3 9 6
4 11 8
5 13 10


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
AfflictionZombiesaur24 Hours
All Hallows' EveZombiesaur24 Hours
ApocalypseMeteor6 Hours
ArcadeDino Companion48 Hours
BatPterodactyl24 Hours
BearDire Bear48 Hours
BirdTerror Bird48 Hours
BlobFossil48 Hours
BloodMosquito24 Hours
BoneFossil48 Hours
CamouflageDino Hybrid48 Hours
CartoonPup48 Hours
CatSabertooth Cat48 Hours
ChinchillaSaberchilla24 Hours
DeathMeteor6 Hours
DesertFossil48 Hours
DestructionMeteor6 Hours
DogPup48 Hours
EarthTriceratops24 Hours
ExtraterrestrialAlien Dino48 Hours
Fairy TaleDragon1 Hour
FireGorezilla24 Hours
FishMegalodon24 Hours
Galaxy WarsLizard Bounty Hunter24 Hours
GiantMegalodon24 Hours
HammerClub6 Hours
HornTriceratops24 Hours
HumanCaveman6 Hours
HybridDino Hybrid48 Hours
IceIce Age48 Hours
InsectDragonfly48 Hours
InventionCaveman Inventor24 Hours
KnightCaveman6 Hours
KnowledgeFire1 Hour
LeaderIndiana Ford24 Hours
LoveFriendly Dino24 Hours
MagicPuff6 Hours
MetalArmored Dragon6 Hours
MiniatureMicroraptor48 Hours
MonkeyBig Foot24 Hours
MonsterMegalodon24 Hours
MultiplesDino Hybrid48 Hours
MusicFriendly Dino24 Hours
MutationDino Hybrid48 Hours
ParasiteMosquito24 Hours
Pocket PetDinaggro48 Hours
Precious Ring LoreCelestial Trees48 Hours
PsychicDragon Turtle48 Hours
RadiationGorezilla24 Hours
RainbowFriendly Dino24 Hours
RelicFossil48 Hours
ReptileGorezilla24 Hours
RobotRaptorbot48 Hours
RodentSaberchilla24 Hours
Royal GameForestfolk24 Hours
Sci-FiDino Park48 Hours
ScienceIndiana Ford24 Hours
SidekickDino Companion48 Hours
SnakeAnaconda1 Hour
SpaceMeteor6 Hours
SpeedTerror Bird48 Hours
StrengthMegalodon24 Hours
TimeFossil48 Hours
TreeBrontosaurus24 Hours
TridentTriceratops24 Hours
TurtlePrimeval Turtle48 Hours
UndeadZombiesaur24 Hours
UndergroundFossil48 Hours
UnderwaterMegalodon24 Hours
VehicleStonemobile24 Hours
VillainDino Hybrid48 Hours
WaterMegalodon24 Hours
Water SerpentLochness Monster6 Hours
WeaponClub6 Hours
WindPterodactyl24 Hours
WingsPterodactyl24 Hours
Wizarding SchoolAustrian Spiketrail48 Hours
WolfDire Wolf6 Hours