Prize Card

Psychic can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 5 4
2 8 7
3 11 10
4 14 13
5 17 16


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
AfflictionPosession48 Hours
All Hallows' EveGhost Communicator24 Hours
AngelAngel of Wrath24 Hours
AngerDark Space Lord48 Hours
ArcadeMaster Alchemist48 Hours
AshFirebird Force48 Hours
BatLunara48 Hours
BearAnimal Whisperer24 Hours
BeautyRebel Space Princess48 Hours
BirdFour Eyed Raven24 Hours
BlobMind Slug48 Hours
BloodBloody Prom Queen48 Hours
BoneShadow Prophet24 Hours
CamouflageFour Eyed Raven24 Hours
CartoonProfessor Y24 Hours
ChinchillaAnimal Whisperer24 Hours
CursedLich Blade48 Hours
DeathShadow Prophet24 Hours
DemonBelphegor48 Hours
DestructionBloody Prom Queen48 Hours
DogStockbroker Wolf48 Hours
DragonAlpha Dragon48 Hours
EarthPsychic Elementalist48 Hours
EnergyGhost Communicator24 Hours
ExtraterrestrialAlien Prophet48 Hours
FairyMr. Clown48 Hours
Fairy TaleFortune Teller48 Hours
FirePsychic Elementalist48 Hours
FishSiren48 Hours
Galaxy WarsMaster Y48 Hours
GiantAlpha Dragon48 Hours
GolemFortune Teller48 Hours
HealingLuckymon24 Hours
Holy WaterGhost Communicator24 Hours
HornAlpha Dragon48 Hours
HorseAnimal Whisperer24 Hours
HumanBloody Prom Queen48 Hours
HybridMr. Clown48 Hours
InventionPsychic Clone24 Hours
KnightSpace Guardian48 Hours
KnowledgeFour Eyed Raven24 Hours
LeaderProfessor Y24 Hours
LifeFortune Teller48 Hours
LoveFortune Teller48 Hours
MadnessDelusional Psychic48 Hours
MagicProphecy Wizard24 Hours
Martial ArtsGunfu Cleric48 Hours
MedievalFour Eyed Raven24 Hours
MetalLich Blade48 Hours
Mind ControlFour Eyed Raven24 Hours
MiniatureFickle Eight Ball24 Hours
MonkeyAnimal Whisperer24 Hours
MonsterVengeful Spirit24 Hours
MoonLunara48 Hours
MultiplesIllusionist24 Hours
MusicPan48 Hours
MutationFirebird Force48 Hours
MythTime Fairy24 Hours
PlantKoo Koo Nuts48 Hours
Pocket PetKoo Koo Nuts48 Hours
PoisonDelusional Psychic48 Hours
PrehistoricDragon Turtle48 Hours
PsychicPsychic Clone24 Hours
RadiationDelusional Psychic48 Hours
RainbowMr. Clown48 Hours
RelicAncient Scrolls48 Hours
ReptileDragon Turtle48 Hours
RodentGroundhog24 Hours
RoyaltyRebel Space Princess48 Hours
Royal GameFour Eyed Raven24 Hours
ScienceGunfu Cleric48 Hours
Sci-FiMaster Y48 Hours
SidekickDark Space Lord48 Hours
SleepHypnotist24 Hours
SnakeAnimal Whisperer24 Hours
SpaceSwarm Queen24 Hours
SpeedGunfu Cleric48 Hours
SpiritGhost Communicator24 Hours
StrengthAlpha Dragon48 Hours
SuperheroFirebird Force48 Hours
SwordLich Blade48 Hours
The Chosen OneDark Space Lord48 Hours
TimeFour Eyed Raven24 Hours
ToyFickle Eight Ball24 Hours
TreeKoo Koo Nuts48 Hours
TurtleDragon Turtle48 Hours
UndeadVengeful Spirit24 Hours
UndergroundGroundhog24 Hours
UnderwaterSiren48 Hours
VampireLunara48 Hours
VillainInsidious Emperor24 Hours
VoidSpecter48 Hours
WarSwarm Queen24 Hours
WaterPsychic Elementalist48 Hours
Water SerpentSiren48 Hours
WealthStockbroker Wolf48 Hours
WeaponPsychic Assassin24 Hours
WerewolfStockbroker Wolf48 Hours
WindPsychic Elementalist48 Hours
WingsSwarm Queen24 Hours
WizardProphecy Wizard24 Hours
Wizarding SchoolProphecy Wizard24 Hours
WolfStockbroker Wolf48 Hours