Prize Card

Sci-Fi can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 6 3
2 9 6
3 12 9
4 15 12
5 18 15

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Card Result Research
AfflictionComputer Bug48 Hours
All Hallows' EveRobot Devil24 Hours
AngelCrying Angel48 Hours
AngerDark Space Lord48 Hours
ApocalypseBattle Prodigy48 Hours
ArcadeLiving Algorithm48 Hours
AshSmog Horror48 Hours
BatVampire1 Hour
BearEmok48 Hours
BeautyBeguiling Android24 Hours
BirdTurkeyzilla48 Hours
BlobThe Ooze24 Hours
BloodBloody Prom Queen48 Hours
BoneD-300048 Hours
CamouflageInvisible Dude24 Hours
CartoonRex's Lab24 Hours
CatCatron48 Hours
ChinchillaChin Trooper48 Hours
CursedDr. Jekyll24 Hours
DeathDeath Ray48 Hours
DemonXenomorph48 Hours
DesertGrabbers1 Hour
DestructionThe Ooze24 Hours
DogSpace Dog24 Hours
DragonGorezilla24 Hours
EarthSwamp Monster48 Hours
ElfSpace Elf48 Hours
EnergyCrying Angel48 Hours
ExtraterrestrialAlien48 Hours
FishSpace Admiral24 Hours
FoodSoy Yum Green24 Hours
Galaxy WarsNanopower24 Hours
GiantGorezilla24 Hours
GolemCrying Angel48 Hours
HammerUnstoppable Force48 Hours
HealingNanobots48 Hours
HornTawn Tawn24 Hours
HorseMr. Ted6 Hours
HumanInvisible Dude24 Hours
HybridCyborg48 Hours
IceIce Carrier48 Hours
ImmortalityCybernetic Humans24 Hours
InsectSpace Moth48 Hours
InventionTime Machine48 Hours
KnightUltimate Soldier48 Hours
KnowledgeAI48 Hours
LeaderDr. What48 Hours
LoveLove Potion48 Hours
MadnessInvisible Dude24 Hours
MagicPhilosopher's Stone24 Hours
Martial ArtsHacker Hero24 Hours
MetalJaeger48 Hours
Mind ControlViral Agent48 Hours
MiniatureNanobots48 Hours
MonkeyMonkey Planet48 Hours
MonsterXenomorph48 Hours
MultiplesDroid Commander48 Hours
MutationCyborg Alien Mutant24 Hours
ParasiteSpace Zombie24 Hours
PlantPlant Clones48 Hours
Pocket PetPsychic Clone24 Hours
PoisonThe Ooze24 Hours
PrehistoricDino Park48 Hours
PsychicMaster Y48 Hours
RadiationThe Ooze24 Hours
RainbowLaser Sword24 Hours
RelicElemental Stones48 Hours
ReptileDino Park48 Hours
RobotTransformobot48 Hours
RodentChin Trooper48 Hours
RoyaltyRebel Space Princess48 Hours
ScienceDark Matter6 Hours
SidekickHairy Smuggler48 Hours
SleepHacker Hero24 Hours
SnakeGrabbers1 Hour
SpaceAlien48 Hours
SpeedHacker Hero24 Hours
SpiritInvisible Dude24 Hours
StrengthDeath Ray48 Hours
SunDeath Ray48 Hours
SuperheroHacker Hero24 Hours
SweetsFluff Puff48 Hours
SwordLaser Sword24 Hours
The Chosen OneHacker Hero24 Hours
TimeTime Machine48 Hours
ToyRobotic Toy48 Hours
TreeKiller Plant1 Hour
TridentRobot Devil24 Hours
Turkey DayRobot Turkey24 Hours
TurtlePrimeval Turtle48 Hours
UndeadSpace Zombie24 Hours
UndergroundGrabbers1 Hour
UnderwaterAtlantis48 Hours
VampireCrying Angel48 Hours
VehicleTime Machine48 Hours
VillainDark Space Lord48 Hours
VoidWormhole48 Hours
WarBattle Prodigy48 Hours
WaterThe Ooze24 Hours
Water SerpentXenomorph48 Hours
WealthAlien Mob Boss48 Hours
WeaponDeath Ray48 Hours
WerewolfDr. Savage48 Hours
WindSharkstorm48 Hours
WingsSpace Moth48 Hours
WizardDr. What48 Hours
WolfWerewolf1 Hour