Prize Card

Science can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 5 4
2 8 7
3 11 10
4 14 13
5 17 16


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
AfflictionComputer Bug48 Hours
All Hallows' EveFrankenstein48 Hours
AngerAlphatron48 Hours
ArcadeCannon Boy48 Hours
AshFireworks24 Hours
BatSuper Bat24 Hours
BearMecha Bear48 Hours
BeautyBeguiling Android24 Hours
BirdRobot Turkey24 Hours
BlobD-300048 Hours
BloodBlood Analyst24 Hours
BonePink Skull24 Hours
CamouflageDr. Jekyll24 Hours
CartoonRex's Lab24 Hours
CursedDr. Jekyll24 Hours
ChinchillaBionic Chinchilla24 Hours
DeathDeath Ray48 Hours
DemonRobot Devil24 Hours
DestructionDeath Ray48 Hours
DogProfessor Beagle24 Hours
DragonHydrabot24 Hours
EarthGreat Wall24 Hours
ElfSpace Elf48 Hours
ExtraterrestrialAlien Human Hybrid6 Hours
FireFireworks24 Hours
FishLaser Shark48 Hours
FoodKiller Vegetables24 Hours
Galaxy WarsDeath Ray48 Hours
GiantInsect Man48 Hours
GolemFrankenstein48 Hours
HammerBlacksmith24 Hours
HealingNanobots48 Hours
HornGabriel's Horn24 Hours
HorseBionic Unicorn48 Hours
HumanCyborg48 Hours
HybridAlien Human Hybrid24 Hours
ImmortalityDr. Radiation48 Hours
InsectComputer Bug48 Hours
InventionThomas Edison24 Hours
KnightUltimate Soldier48 Hours
KnowledgeEinstein48 Hours
LeaderEinstein48 Hours
LifeDoctor24 Hours
LoveHug-o-Tron48 Hours
MadnessFlying Goblin48 Hours
MagicSci-Fi24 Hours
Martial ArtsSarcastic Hero48 Hours
MedievalPlague Doctor24 Hours
MetalD-300048 Hours
Mind ControlComputer Bug48 Hours
MiniatureMini Clone48 Hours
MonkeyMomo X24 Hours
MonsterFrankenstein48 Hours
MoonMoon Buggy24 Hours
MultiplesHydrabot24 Hours
MutationDr. Savage48 Hours
ParasiteHuman Battery48 Hours
PlantKiller Vegetables24 Hours
Pocket PetProfessor Pine48 Hours
Precious Ring LoreGoblin Hybrid24 Hours
PrehistoricIndiana Ford24 Hours
RadiationBomb1 Hour
RainbowLaser48 Hours
ReptileGeneral Viper48 Hours
RobotCyborg48 Hours
RodentGenius and Insane24 Hours
RoyaltyRobot King48 Hours
Sci-FiDark Matter6 Hours
SidekickFlux Inventor24 Hours
SleepCryosleep24 Hours
SnakeGeneral Viper48 Hours
SpaceEinstein48 Hours
SpeedLightspeed24 Hours
SpiritGhost Trapper48 Hours
StrengthDr. Savage48 Hours
SunDeath Ray48 Hours
SuperheroLieutenant USA48 Hours
SweetsConfectioner Will24 Hours
SwordLaser Sword24 Hours
The Chosen OneUltimate Soldier48 Hours
TimeD-300048 Hours
ToyChemistry Set48 Hours
TridentSpork of Doom48 Hours
Turkey DayRobot Turkey24 Hours
TurtleRacing Tortoise24 Hours
UndeadFrankenstein48 Hours
UndergroundBomb Shelter48 Hours
UnderwaterChin Cousteau48 Hours
VehicleTime Machine48 Hours
VillainAlphatron6 Hours
VoidDark Matter6 Hours
WarUltimate Soldier48 Hours
Water SerpentHydrabot24 Hours
WealthSteel Hero24 Hours
WeaponMind Control Device48 Hours
WerewolfDr. Savage48 Hours
WingsJet Fighter1 Hour
WolfDire Wolf6 Hours