Prize Card

Sea Monkey can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 11 7
2 14 10
3 17 13
4 20 16
5 23 19

Recipes (6) Show/Hide

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Card 1 Card 2
MonkeyWater Serpent


Cannot combine with other cards.


  • The brine shrimp (Artemia Salina) known as "Sea Monkeys" got their name because of their long tails.
  • Sea Monkeys were originally sold in 1960 as "Instant Life", but poor sales prompted creator Harold Von Braunhut to rebrand them "Sea Monkeys" in 1964 with the now famous artwork of comicbook artist Joe Orlando, who would go on to become vice president of DC Comics and associate publisher of MAD magazine.

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