Prize Card

Snake can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 2 1
2 3 2
3 4 3
4 5 4
5 6 5


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
AfflictionPoison1 Hour
AngelDevil24 Hours
AngerFuries48 Hours
ApocalypseDoomsday Omen24 Hours
ArcadeReptilian Ninja24 Hours
BeautyMedusa6 Hours
BirdCockatrice48 Hours
BlobGummy Worm24 Hours
BloodCold Hearted24 Hours
BoneSkeletal Worm48 Hours
CamouflageDevil24 Hours
CartoonGeneral Viper48 Hours
CursedMedusa6 Hours
DemonDevil24 Hours
DesertRattlesnake24 Hours
DestructionGrabbers1 Hour
DragonWyvern6 Hours
EarthGrabbers1 Hour
EnergyElectric Eel48 Hours
ExtraterrestrialXenomorph48 Hours
FairyDragon Fairy24 Hours
Fairy TaleDragon1 Hour
FireDragon1 Hour
FishElectric Eel48 Hours
FoodGummy Worm24 Hours
Galaxy WarsCarnivorous Pit24 Hours
GiantAnaconda1 Hour
HealingSnake Oil Salesman48 Hours
HornSnake Charmer24 Hours
HumanMedusa6 Hours
HybridMedusa6 Hours
ImmortalityOuroboros48 Hours
InsectEarthworm24 Hours
InventionGeneral Viper48 Hours
KnowledgeThe Snake Lord24 Hours
LeaderThe Snake Lord24 Hours
LifeOuroboros48 Hours
MadnessGeneral Viper48 Hours
MagicSerpent Cultist24 Hours
Martial ArtsReptilian Ninja24 Hours
MedievalBasilisk48 Hours
Mind ControlHypnotic Python48 Hours
MiniatureCobramon48 Hours
MonsterMedusa6 Hours
MultiplesMedusa6 Hours
MusicSnake Charmer24 Hours
MythMedusa6 Hours
ParasiteLeech24 Hours
PlantCursed Apple24 Hours
Pocket PetCobramon48 Hours
PoisonCobra1 Hour
Precious Ring LoreRing Lord48 Hours
PrehistoricAnaconda1 Hour
PsychicAnimal Whisperer24 Hours
RadiationAnaconda1 Hour
RelicOuroboros48 Hours
ReptileSerpent Cultist24 Hours
RobotGeneral Viper48 Hours
Royal GamePoisonous Prince48 Hours
ScienceGeneral Viper48 Hours
Sci-FiGrabbers1 Hour
SidekickWater Dragon48 Hours
SpaceSnakes on a Jet1 Hour
SpeedBlack Mamba24 Hours
SpiritDeath Adder Shadow24 Hours
StrengthAnaconda1 Hour
SweetsGummy Worm24 Hours
TimeOuroboros48 Hours
ToySnakes in a Can24 Hours
TreeCursed Apple24 Hours
TurtleDragon Turtle48 Hours
UndergroundFuries48 Hours
UnderwaterElectric Eel48 Hours
VehicleGeneral Viper48 Hours
VillainGeneral Viper48 Hours
VoidDeath Adder Shadow24 Hours
WaterWater Serpent1 Hour
WealthSnake Oil Salesman48 Hours
WeaponGeneral Viper48 Hours
WindSnakes on a Jet1 Hour
WingsSnakes on a Jet1 Hour
WizardThe Snake Lord24 Hours
Wizarding SchoolThe Snake Lord24 Hours