Prize Card

Space can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 5 5
2 8 8
3 11 11
4 14 14
5 17 17


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
AfflictionSpace Zombie48 Hours
AngelHeavens48 Hours
AngerDark Space Lord48 Hours
ApocalypseMeteor6 Hours
ArcadeAlien Intruders24 Hours
BatSpace Moth48 Hours
BearEmok48 Hours
BeautyBumpy Princess48 Hours
BirdSpace Explorer24 Hours
BlobBumpy Princess48 Hours
BloodBlood Moon48 Hours
CamouflageAlien Reptile24 Hours
CartoonBumpy Princess48 Hours
CatPastry Cat48 Hours
ChinchillaAviator Chin24 Hours
CursedGreat Wereape48 Hours
DeathBlack Hole24 Hours
DemonXenomorph48 Hours
DesertSand Raider24 Hours
DestructionWorld Eater24 Hours
DogSpace Dog24 Hours
EarthPlanet24 Hours
ElfSpace Elf48 Hours
EnergySuper Nova24 Hours
ExtraterrestrialAlien48 Hours
Fairy TaleAsteroid Prince24 Hours
FireMeteor6 Hours
FishSpace Admiral24 Hours
FoodPastry Cat48 Hours
Galaxy WarsW Space Fighter48 Hours
GiantAtlas24 Hours
GolemMoon Golem48 Hours
HealingDoc Lobster24 Hours
HornGalactic Wizard48 Hours
HorseUnicorn24 Hours
HumanAstronaut24 Hours
HybridAlien Dino48 Hours
ImmortalityTitan of Death48 Hours
InsectWormhole48 Hours
InventionDeath Ray48 Hours
KnightSpace Guardian48 Hours
KnowledgeDr. What48 Hours
LeaderDr. What48 Hours
LifeAlien48 Hours
LoveHeavens48 Hours
MadnessAL-900124 Hours
MagicPastry Cat48 Hours
Martial ArtsSuper Martial Artist48 Hours
MedievalSpace Guardian48 Hours
MetalSpaceship24 Hours
Mind ControlDark Space Lord48 Hours
MiniatureWhite Dwarf48 Hours
MonkeyGreat Wereape48 Hours
MonsterXenomorph48 Hours
MultiplesMultiverse24 Hours
MutationTitan of Death48 Hours
MythAlien48 Hours
ParasiteSpace Zombie24 Hours
PlantPlant Clones48 Hours
Pocket PetPsychic Clone24 Hours
PoisonThe Ooze24 Hours
Precious Ring LoreVial of Stars24 Hours
PrehistoricMeteor6 Hours
PsychicSwarm Queen24 Hours
RadiationThe Ooze24 Hours
RainbowPastry Cat48 Hours
RelicOmni Igniter48 Hours
ReptileAlien Reptile24 Hours
RobotTransformobot48 Hours
RodentChin Trooper48 Hours
RoyaltyRebel Space Princess48 Hours
Royal GameMeteorite Sword48 Hours
ScienceEinstein48 Hours
Sci-FiAlien48 Hours
SidekickCryo Smuggler48 Hours
SleepCryosleep24 Hours
SnakeSnakes on a Jet1 Hour
SpaceWormhole48 Hours
SpeedSurfer Dude48 Hours
StrengthTitan of Death48 Hours
SuperheroRaccoon Guardian48 Hours
SweetsLunar Pie24 Hours
SwordLaser Sword24 Hours
The Chosen OneBattle Prodigy48 Hours
TimeDr. What48 Hours
ToySpaceship24 Hours
TreeThe World Tree6 Hours
TurtleWorld Turtle48 Hours
UndeadSpace Zombie24 Hours
UndergroundBurrowling24 Hours
VehicleSpaceship24 Hours
VillainTitan of Death48 Hours
VoidBlack Hole24 Hours
WarUltimate Soldier48 Hours
WaterDoc Lobster24 Hours
Water SerpentXenomorph48 Hours
WealthAlien Mob Boss48 Hours
WeaponDeath Ray48 Hours
WingsSpaceship24 Hours
WizardDr. What48 Hours