This holiday pack brought about change within the Little Alchemist world: pay-to-play gold combo cards! The first of this revolutionary new card introduction method, this pack brought about the All Hallows' Eve card (previously titled "Halloween"). This pack also includes spooky themed final form cards.

This pack was re-released in 2015, likely indicating its return as a seasonal pack. This new release added a few new cards that had been introduced since 2014, as well as the Human (Onyx) card.

The Pack was re-released once more in 2016 for 3 day, introducing a new onyx card Spirit (Onyx)

Unlock Criteria

The Halloween Pack is unlocked for the ten days leading up to Halloween (October 21 - October 31) The Halloween Pack was unlocked for four days in 2016, from October 27th to October 30th.

Card Pool