Prize Card

Speed can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 9 0
2 12 3
3 15 6
4 18 9
5 21 12


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
All Hallows' EveBroomstick24 Hours
AngelCrying Angel48 Hours
ArcadeSwift the Chin24 Hours
AshQuicksand48 Hours
BatChiroptercar48 Hours
BeautyAlicorn48 Hours
BirdRoad Sprinter24 Hours
BlobQuicksand48 Hours
CamouflageCheetah24 Hours
CartoonSpeed Demon48 Hours
CatCheetah24 Hours
ChinchillaSwift the Chin24 Hours
DeathWraith48 Hours
DemonSpeed Demon48 Hours
DestructionArmageddon48 Hours
DogK-900048 Hours
DragonNight Dragon24 Hours
EarthQuicksand48 Hours
EnergySurfer Dude48 Hours
FireWildfire1 Hour
FishSwordfish48 Hours
FoodFast Food24 Hours
GolemCrying Angel48 Hours
HammerThor's Hammer24 Hours
HolidaysSleigh24 Hours
HorseCeryneian Hind48 Hours
HumanThe Dash48 Hours
IceAvalanche24 Hours
InsectDragonfly48 Hours
KnightVampire Knight48 Hours
LeaderHermes48 Hours
LoveLove Potion48 Hours
MedievalVampire Knight48 Hours
MetalSpaceship24 Hours
MonkeyGreat Wereape48 Hours
MonsterWraith48 Hours
MusicDeath Metal1 Hour
MythHermes48 Hours
PoisonBlack Mamba24 Hours
PrehistoricTerror Bird48 Hours
RainbowLightspeed24 Hours
ReptileBlack Mamba24 Hours
RobotRobo Ninja24 Hours
RodentSwift the Chin24 Hours
Sci-FiHacker Hero24 Hours
ScienceLightspeed24 Hours
SleepCat Nap48 Hours
SnakeBlack Mamba24 Hours
SpaceSurfer Dude48 Hours
SpeedLightspeed24 Hours
SpiritWraith48 Hours
StrengthUltra Dude6 Hours
SunLightspeed24 Hours
SuperheroThe Dash48 Hours
SwordMasked Swordsman48 Hours
TimeTime Machine48 Hours
ToySleigh24 Hours
TreeBroomstick24 Hours
Turkey DayFast Food24 Hours
TurtleRacing Tortoise24 Hours
UndeadDemonic Bike48 Hours
UndergroundHermes48 Hours
VehicleChiroptercar48 Hours
VoidBlack Hole24 Hours
WarJet Fighter1 Hour
WaterMaelstrom48 Hours
WealthCeryneian Hind48 Hours
WeaponMasked Swordsman48 Hours
WindCyclone48 Hours
WingsJet Fighter1 Hour
WizardEagle Rider48 Hours
WolfCyberwolf48 Hours