Prize Card

Strength can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 5 2
2 8 5
3 11 8
4 14 11
5 17 14


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
AfflictionZombie Tank24 Hours
All Hallows' EveFrankenstein48 Hours
AngelValkyrie24 Hours
AngerBerserker48 Hours
ApocalypseBahamut48 Hours
ArcadeTurtle King48 Hours
AshWar God24 Hours
BatSuper Bat24 Hours
BearDire Bear48 Hours
BeautyBarbarian48 Hours
BirdZiz48 Hours
BlobSmog Horror48 Hours
BloodBloodlust24 Hours
BoneOutrealm Warlord48 Hours
CamouflageSergeant Arnold48 Hours
CartoonHealthy Hero24 Hours
CatLion48 Hours
ChinchillaBionic Chinchilla24 Hours
CursedDemon Hero48 Hours
DeathUndead Knight24 Hours
DemonDemonite24 Hours
DesertSandman48 Hours
DestructionTitan of Destruction48 Hours
DogAmazing Dog24 Hours
DragonGorezilla24 Hours
EarthSandstorm48 Hours
ElfElf Warrior48 Hours
EnergyLaser48 Hours
ExtraterrestrialMacho Alien48 Hours
Fairy TaleBeanstalk Giant48 Hours
FireIfrit48 Hours
FishMantis Shrimp48 Hours
FoodHealthy Hero24 Hours
Galaxy WarsAquatic Alien48 Hours
GiantSkull Smasher48 Hours
GolemRock Slide6 Hours
HammerUnstoppable Force48 Hours
HealingHealthbot Hero24 Hours
Holy WaterPaladin24 Hours
HornTarrasque48 Hours
HorseCar1 Hour
HumanBarbarian48 Hours
HybridFused Martial Artists48 Hours
IceYeti24 Hours
ImmortalityBolo24 Hours
InsectArmy Ant48 Hours
InventionSuperpowered Girls48 Hours
KnightGladiator24 Hours
KnowledgeBattle Mage6 Hours
LeaderZeus48 Hours
LoveHug-o-Tron48 Hours
MadnessMask of Mischief24 Hours
MagicArcane Golem24 Hours
Martial ArtsSuper Martial Artist48 Hours
MedievalKing24 Hours
MetalImmovable Object48 Hours
Mind ControlAlpha Dragon48 Hours
MiniaturePower Nap24 Hours
MonkeyGreat Wereape48 Hours
MonsterTroll48 Hours
MoonGreat Wereape48 Hours
MultiplesFighting Champion48 Hours
MusicWar Drummer48 Hours
MutationSteamroller48 Hours
MythHercules24 Hours
ParasiteArm Parasite24 Hours
PlantSwamp Monster48 Hours
Pocket PetGeode24 Hours
PoisonNightshade6 Hours
Precious Ring LoreShapeshifting Chief48 Hours
PrehistoricMegalodon24 Hours
PsychicAlpha Dragon48 Hours
RadiationMutant Man24 Hours
RainbowLaser48 Hours
RelicQuadforce48 Hours
ReptileGorezilla24 Hours
RobotMetal Golem6 Hours
RodentMouse Hero48 Hours
RoyaltyThor24 Hours
Royal GameCranky Knight48 Hours
ScienceDr. Savage48 Hours
Sci-FiDeath Ray48 Hours
SidekickMerry John24 Hours
SleepSnoring Monster48 Hours
SnakeAnaconda1 Hour
SpaceTitan of Death48 Hours
SpeedUltra Dude6 Hours
SunDeath Ray48 Hours
SuperheroHercules24 Hours
SweetsGingerbread Warrior24 Hours
SwordBarbarian48 Hours
The Chosen OneSuper Martial Artist48 Hours
ToyAction Figure48 Hours
TreeImmovable Object48 Hours
TridentTriceratops24 Hours
Turkey DayTurkeyzilla48 Hours
TurtlePrimeval Turtle48 Hours
UndeadZombie Tank24 Hours
UndergroundTarrasque48 Hours
UnderwaterMantis Shrimp48 Hours
VampireWerevamp24 Hours
VehicleTank48 Hours
VillainSteamroller48 Hours
VoidVoid Beast24 Hours
WarAmazon48 Hours
WaterMaelstrom48 Hours
Water SerpentKraken24 Hours
WeaponUnstoppable Force48 Hours
WerewolfAlpha24 Hours
WindCyclone48 Hours
WingsBlue Bull48 Hours
WizardBattle Mage6 Hours
Wizarding SchoolProfessor Werewolf48 Hours
WolfDire Wolf6 Hours