Prize Card

Sun can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 3 0
2 4 1
3 5 2
4 6 3
5 7 4


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
BeautySparkling Vampire48 Hours
BoneParched Skeleton24 Hours
CamouflageDeath Ray48 Hours
DeathBlack Hole24 Hours
DesertSun Burn24 Hours
DestructionDeath Ray48 Hours
DogHot Dog24 Hours
FairyWisp24 Hours
FireSun Burn24 Hours
FoodSunflower24 Hours
HumanSun Burn24 Hours
IceWater1 Hour
InsectFirefly24 Hours
LeaderApollo48 Hours
LifeAlien48 Hours
LoveSparkling Vampire48 Hours
MoonBlood Moon48 Hours
MythApollo48 Hours
PlantSunflower24 Hours
PoisonRadiation1 Hour
ScienceDeath Ray48 Hours
Sci-FiDeath Ray48 Hours
SleepMoon24 Hours
SpeedLightspeed24 Hours
StrengthDeath Ray48 Hours
SunSuper Nova24 Hours
SuperheroUltra Dude6 Hours
SwordLaser Sword24 Hours
TimeBlack Hole24 Hours
ToyEZ Cake Oven48 Hours
TreeThe World Tree6 Hours
Turkey DayHarvest48 Hours
UndeadParched Skeleton24 Hours
VampireFire1 Hour
VehicleDeath Ray48 Hours
VillainDeath Ray48 Hours
VoidBlack Hole24 Hours
WaterRainbow1 Hour
WeaponDeath Ray48 Hours
WerewolfHuman6 Hours
WindRadiation1 Hour
WingsFirefly24 Hours