Prize Card

Superhero can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 4 3
2 6 5
3 8 7
4 10 9
5 12 11

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Card Result Research
All Hallows' EveVampire Hunter6 Hours
AngelArch Angel24 Hours
ArcadeJumping Hero48 Hours
AshWar God24 Hours
BatSuper Bat24 Hours
BearAdventure Kid48 Hours
BeautyCrypt Explorer48 Hours
BirdEagle Hero24 Hours
BlobPuff Hero24 Hours
CamouflageSergeant Arnold48 Hours
CartoonPlanet Commander24 Hours
CatStormcat48 Hours
ChinchillaWonderful Chin24 Hours
DeathThe Reaper6 Hours
DemonDemonite24 Hours
DestructionCrimson Witch48 Hours
DogAmazing Dog24 Hours
EarthRock Slide6 Hours
ElfLegendary Hero24 Hours
EnergySpace Guardian48 Hours
FireThe Incinerator6 Hours
FishOcean Defender6 Hours
FoodHealthy Hero24 Hours
GolemRock Slide6 Hours
HammerThor24 Hours
HolidaysSanta Claus48 Hours
IceIce Dude48 Hours
InsectArachnid Dude48 Hours
KnightSir Lancelot24 Hours
KnowledgeProfessor Y24 Hours
LeaderJack Anger48 Hours
LoveCupid48 Hours
MagicThe Magician6 Hours
MedievalRobin Hood48 Hours
MetalSteel Hero24 Hours
MonkeyBarrel Gorilla48 Hours
MonsterDemonite24 Hours
MoonMoon Heroine48 Hours
MusicGem48 Hours
MythHercules24 Hours
PlantSwamp Monster48 Hours
PoisonRadioactive Avenger24 Hours
RadiationMutant Man24 Hours
ReptileTurtle Warrior48 Hours
RobotTransformobot48 Hours
RodentMouse Hero48 Hours
Sci-FiHacker Hero24 Hours
ScienceLieutenant USA48 Hours
SleepHacker Hero24 Hours
SpaceRaccoon Guardian48 Hours
SpeedThe Dash48 Hours
SpiritGhost Trapper48 Hours
StrengthHercules24 Hours
SunUltra Dude6 Hours
SwordThe Badger24 Hours
TimePersian Royalty48 Hours
ToyAction Figure48 Hours
TreeVampire Hunter6 Hours
TridentPoseidon6 Hours
TurtleTurtle Warrior48 Hours
UndeadThe Reaper6 Hours
UndergroundSuper Bat24 Hours
VampireVampire Hunter6 Hours
VehicleTransformobot48 Hours
VillainDiscipliner24 Hours
VoidShadow Prelate24 Hours
WarLieutenant USA48 Hours
WaterOcean Defender6 Hours
WealthSuper Bat24 Hours
WeaponVampire Hunter6 Hours
WindWindmaster Eng48 Hours
WingsRaging Bird24 Hours
WizardArch Mage24 Hours
WolfThe Badger24 Hours