Prize Card

Superhero (Onyx) can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 7 6
2 11 10
3 15 14
4 19 18
5 23 22

Recipes (1) Show/Hide

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Card 1 Card 2
Human (Onyx)Radiation (Onyx)

Onyx Combos (107) Show/Hide

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Card Result Max Attack Max Defence Total
All Hallows' EveVampire Hunter322860
AngelArch Angel323264
Angel (Onyx)Arch Angel343468
AngerMutant Man333366
ArcadeJumping Hero313061
AshWar God323264
Ash (Onyx)War God343468
BatSuper Bat312960
Bat (Onyx)Super Bat333164
BearAdventure Kid333265
Bear (Onyx)Adventure Kid363571
BeautyCrypt Explorer362864
BirdEagle Hero313364
BlobPuff Hero353065
CamouflageSergeant Arnold352964
CartoonPlanet Commander323264
ChinchillaWonderful Chin333366
Chinchilla (Onyx)Wonderful Chin353570
DeathThe Reaper333164
Death (Onyx)The Reaper353368
Demon (Onyx)Demonite323365
DestructionCrimson Witch332962
DogAmazing Dog323365
EarthRock Slide303464
Earth (Onyx)Rock Slide323668
ElfLegendary Hero323163
Elf (Onyx)Legendary Hero343367
EnergySpace Guardian343165
FireThe Incinerator352863
Fire (Onyx)The Incinerator373067
FishOcean Defender322860
FoodHealthy Hero323264
GolemRock Slide303464
Golem (Onyx)Rock Slide323668
Hammer (Onyx)Thor343468
HolidaysSanta Claus333265
IceIce Dude333164
InsectArachnid Dude323264
KnightSir Lancelot323365
Knight (Onyx)Sir Lancelot343569
KnowledgeProfessor Y353065
Knowledge (Onyx)Professor Y373269
LeaderJack Anger323062
MagicThe Magician303262
Magic (Onyx)The Magician323466
Martial ArtsWindmaster Eng283664
MedievalRobin Hood332861
MetalSteel Hero303262
Metal (Onyx)Steel Hero323466
MonkeyBarrel Gorilla332861
MoonMoon Heroine293261
ParasiteParasite Hunter353065
PlantSwamp Monster323264
PoisonRadioactive Avenger352863
Poison (Onyx)Radioactive Avenger373067
RadiationMutant Man333366
Radiation (Onyx)Mutant Man353570
ReptileTurtle Warrior333164
RodentMouse Hero333164
ScienceLieutenant USA303464
Sci-FiHacker Hero353065
Sci-Fi (Onyx)Hacker Hero373269
SleepHacker Hero353065
SpaceRaccoon Guardian372562
SpeedThe Dash253863
SpiritGhost Trapper362965
SunUltra Dude333265
Sun (Onyx)Ultra Dude353469
SweetsGingerbread Warrior273966
SwordThe Badger313162
Sword (Onyx)The Badger333366
The Chosen OneVampire Assassin372865
TimePersian Royalty332861
ToyAction Figure342761
TreeVampire Hunter322860
Tree (Onyx)Vampire Hunter343064
TurtleTurtle Warrior333164
UndeadThe Reaper333164
Undead (Onyx)The Reaper353368
UndergroundSuper Bat312960
VampireVampire Hunter322860
Vampire (Onyx)Vampire Hunter343064
VoidShadow Prelate392766
Void (Onyx)Shadow Prelate412970
WaterOcean Defender322860
Water (Onyx)Ocean Defender343064
WealthSuper Bat312960
WeaponVampire Hunter322860
WindWindmaster Eng283664
WingsRaging Bird352560
Wings (Onyx)Raging Bird372764
WizardArch Mage372865
Wizard (Onyx)Arch Mage393069
WolfThe Badger313162
Wolf (Onyx)The Badger333366

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