Prize Card

Underground can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 4 5
2 7 8
3 10 11
4 13 14
5 16 17


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
All Hallows' EveTombstone24 Hours
AngelDevil24 Hours
ArcadeBomb Shelter48 Hours
BatSuper Bat24 Hours
BearHibernation24 Hours
BeautyPersephone48 Hours
BlobQuicksand48 Hours
CamouflageSecret Passage24 Hours
CartoonTurtle Warrior48 Hours
DeathTombstone24 Hours
DemonDevil24 Hours
DestructionEarthquake1 Hour
DogCerberus48 Hours
DragonSmug48 Hours
EarthQuicksand48 Hours
ElfPrecious Ring Bearer24 Hours
EnergyEarthquake1 Hour
FairyGnome6 Hours
FireLava1 Hour
FishKraken24 Hours
GolemGolden Construct48 Hours
HammerDwarf6 Hours
HorseDeath's Horse24 Hours
HumanMiner24 Hours
IceHibernation24 Hours
InsectEarthworm24 Hours
KnightSuper Bat24 Hours
KnowledgeHades48 Hours
LeaderHades48 Hours
LifeUnderground City24 Hours
LoveOrpheus48 Hours
MagicGeomancer24 Hours
MetalMiner24 Hours
MonkeyCave Monkeys24 Hours
MonsterTarrasque48 Hours
MoonMoon Golem48 Hours
MusicOrpheus48 Hours
MythHades48 Hours
PlantPersephone48 Hours
PoisonBomb Shelter48 Hours
PrehistoricFossil48 Hours
RadiationBomb Shelter48 Hours
RainbowCave Monkeys24 Hours
ReptileTarrasque48 Hours
RobotGolden Construct48 Hours
RodentGroundhog24 Hours
ScienceBomb Shelter48 Hours
Sci-FiGrabbers1 Hour
SleepDeath1 Hour
SnakeFuries48 Hours
SpaceBurrowling24 Hours
SpeedHermes48 Hours
SpiritOpera Ghost24 Hours
StrengthTarrasque48 Hours
SuperheroSuper Bat24 Hours
SwordMiner24 Hours
TimePrecious Ring Bearer24 Hours
ToyCave Monkeys24 Hours
TridentDevil24 Hours
TurtleTurtle Warrior48 Hours
UndeadMummy24 Hours
UnderwaterLava1 Hour
VehicleDriller24 Hours
VillainThe Mole King48 Hours
VoidBurrowling24 Hours
WarTerracotta Army48 Hours
WaterCharon48 Hours
Water SerpentCthulhu24 Hours
WealthCharon48 Hours
WeaponSpider Mine48 Hours
WerewolfCerberus48 Hours
WingsFuries48 Hours
WizardGeomancer24 Hours