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General Icon Onyx Update (v1.31.01)



Other Updates:

  • Onyx rarity cards have been introduced, creating even more powerful combos than before imaginable. The first available is Fire (Onyx).
  • The Arena AI has been fixed, allowing for tougher online matches.

Update Text

After some fierce training, the PVP AI has returned and upped its game. You could say, it has become self-aware! Arena battles will now be more challenging as we fixed a bug not recognizing fused cards in a player's deck for arena opponents. The AI is waiting for a worthy challenger. Mwahaha!

Along his latest journey, the Master Alchemist has discovered something exciting and extremely rare! He has mastered it and is now sharing his knowledge with you. Keep an eye out for Onyx rarity cards and be amazed at how powerful they are when combined!

— Chinzilla, App Description

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