Valentine's Slider

Valentine's Icon Valentine's Day Update (v1.28.07/v1.28.09)



Other Updates:

  • A special gift on Valentine's Day 2015, consisting of coins and an upgrade card.

Update Text

Valentine’s Day is coming to Little Town!

There’s so much love in the air, it’s as though we comboed a hundred different heart cards, to make more love than can be possibly contained in one tiny game (but is!).

So grab your special someone and enjoy all new decorations! And come claim a super Special Valentine’s Day Gift from your secret admirer (who might also be your special someone). And we haven’t even gotten to the new Love card packs. The love card boasts 36 combos (11 which are new)! That’s more love than you can shake a lil’ stick at.

Also, stay tuned for the Leader Pack, which is right around the corner.

We’ve also squeezed in some minor bug fixes, which are different than miner bug fixes, but important nonetheless

— Chinzilla, iOS App Description

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