Prize Card

Villain can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 7 3
2 10 6
3 13 9
4 16 12
5 19 15


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
All Hallows' EveHeadless Rider6 Hours
AngelDevil24 Hours
ArcadeTurtle King48 Hours
AshWar God24 Hours
BeautyEvil Queen24 Hours
BlobEvil Symbiote24 Hours
CamouflageShifting Mutant48 Hours
CartoonThe Grater48 Hours
CatMeowmon48 Hours
ChinchillaGremlin24 Hours
DeathSoul Harvester24 Hours
DemonDevil24 Hours
DestructionAlphatron48 Hours
DogScylla48 Hours
DragonSmug48 Hours
EarthGrabbers1 Hour
ElfDark Elf48 Hours
FairyMalevolent48 Hours
FireFire Lord48 Hours
FishSea Witch48 Hours
FoodBurgerlar48 Hours
GolemTitan of Destruction48 Hours
HolidaysPinch48 Hours
HorseHeadless Rider6 Hours
IceIce King48 Hours
InsectSpace Moth48 Hours
KnightUndead Knight24 Hours
KnowledgeMama Brain24 Hours
LeaderMagnet Dude48 Hours
LifeDecimation48 Hours
LoveGreen Eyed Monster48 Hours
MagicThe Snake Lord24 Hours
MedievalMorgana48 Hours
MetalMagnet Dude48 Hours
MonkeyMomo X24 Hours
MoonBogeyman48 Hours
MythWar God24 Hours
PlantPoison Oak48 Hours
PoisonPoison Oak48 Hours
PrehistoricDino Hybrid48 Hours
RadiationThe Ooze24 Hours
RainbowClown6 Hours
ReptileAlien Reptile24 Hours
RobotAlphatron48 Hours
RodentGenius and Insane24 Hours
Sci-FiDark Space Lord48 Hours
SleepNightmare Stalker48 Hours
SnakeGeneral Viper48 Hours
SpaceTitan of Death48 Hours
SpiritSoul Harvester24 Hours
StrengthSteamroller48 Hours
SunDeath Ray48 Hours
SuperheroDiscipliner24 Hours
SwordThe Grater48 Hours
TimeD-300048 Hours
ToyPinch48 Hours
TreePoison Oak48 Hours
TridentDevil24 Hours
TurtleTurtle King48 Hours
UndeadLich24 Hours
UndergroundThe Mole King48 Hours
VampireDracula24 Hours
VehicleDeath Ray48 Hours
VoidDark Hero24 Hours
WarWinter Assassin24 Hours
WaterIce King48 Hours
Water SerpentCthulhu24 Hours
WealthSmug48 Hours
WeaponThe Grater48 Hours
WerewolfCerberus48 Hours
WizardThe Snake Lord24 Hours
WolfCerberus48 Hours
PrehistoricDino Hybrid48 Hours


  • The design is based off of a common British villain which always sports a mustache.