Prize Card

Void can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 4 3
2 6 5
3 8 7
4 10 9
5 12 11


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
All Hallows' EveVoid Horror24 Hours
AngelDark Angel24 Hours
ArcadeDark Hero24 Hours
BeautyDark Elf48 Hours
BlobShoggoth24 Hours
CamouflageShadow People24 Hours
CartoonBrain Warlord48 Hours
CatBlack Cat24 Hours
ChinchillaNinchilla24 Hours
DemonVoid Fiend6 Hours
DestructionBlack Hole24 Hours
DogSpace Dog24 Hours
DragonNight Dragon24 Hours
ElfDark Hero24 Hours
EnergyDark Matter6 Hours
FairyVoid Fiend6 Hours
FishSpace Admiral24 Hours
GolemVoidwalker24 Hours
HolidaysBlack Friday48 Hours
Holy WaterPoison1 Hour
HorseNightmare24 Hours
InsectWormhole48 Hours
KnightVoidwalker24 Hours
KnowledgeVoid Shaman24 Hours
LeaderShadow Prelate24 Hours
LifeVoidwalker24 Hours
LoveCold Hearted24 Hours
MagicVoid Shaman24 Hours
MedievalBlack Death48 Hours
MonsterVoid Horror24 Hours
MusicPied Piper48 Hours
MythPandora's Box48 Hours
PlantNightshade6 Hours
PoisonNightshade6 Hours
ReptileDeath Adder Shadow24 Hours
RodentPied Piper48 Hours
ScienceDark Matter6 Hours
Sci-FiWormhole48 Hours
SleepShadow People24 Hours
SnakeDeath Adder Shadow24 Hours
SpaceBlack Hole24 Hours
SpeedBlack Hole24 Hours
SpiritSpecter48 Hours
StrengthVoid Beast24 Hours
SunBlack Hole24 Hours
SuperheroShadow Prelate24 Hours
TreeNightshade6 Hours
Turkey DayBlack Friday48 Hours
UndeadVoid Horror24 Hours
UndergroundBurrowling24 Hours
VampireSoul Stealer24 Hours
VehicleClown Car48 Hours
VillainDark Hero24 Hours
WarWinter Assassin24 Hours
WaterPoison1 Hour
Water SerpentCthulhu24 Hours
WealthAlien Mob Boss48 Hours
WeaponPandora's Box48 Hours
WindCyclone48 Hours
WingsNight Dragon24 Hours
WizardVoid Shaman24 Hours